Once in a while we get those nights where we don’t go out. How do you spend that time you may ask? Here are 7 things I do when I have no plans. Maybe these 7 ideas can help you out if you find yourself being very bored.

  1. Take a bath: if I know I have no plans I like to unwind with a bath and enjoy my own company for a bit, plus I love watching bath bombs fizz in the water I find it so amusing.
  2. Facemasks: we never have time for these but now that you have no plans you can do that 25 minute facemask without feeling bad
  3. Watch a movie: whether I have watched this movie or not it is always fun to watch movies and eat snacks, it so relaxing knowing you have no commitment to go anywhere but finish the movies you are dying to get into.
  4. Clean: now that you have no plans you have no distractions from what you really should be doing, cleaning.
  5. Order food or make something new: whether you are dying to make a new recipe or aren’t in the mood to cook at all staying in can help you do both when it comes to food. Ordering food makes it easier and trying a new recipe makes it challenging yet rewarding.
  6. Read and write: some people may do this and others may not. Reading is so relaxing and such a time killer, nothing beats curling up with a really good book and enjoying it. It’s almost like watching a movie but you can feel the emotion with each page you turn. Writing is another great pass time, if you have any ideas that you feel need to be written down buying a journal and filling it with your ideas and passions is a really great way of doing so.
  7. Take yourself out: go to a movie by yourself or run errands that you need too, just because you did not make plans with your friends does not mean you should ignore that and stay in, if you need to get things done outside your home go ahead and get them done.