7 Things All College Students Have Done

If you're a college student, you know you're guilty of doing these seven things.

1. Eaten pizza for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Because you can and because you want to.

2. Tried napping in between class and then when the time rolls around to wake up for your next class you decide to keep napping and not go.

Too tired to function.

3. Decided to skip class to watch another episode of One Tree Hill.

Nathan Scott > Class

4. When you’re late for class because you decided to get coffee first.

5. When you step outside to go to class and it’s raining so you turn around and decide to not go.

Nope, not today!

6. Stealing your roommates food.

Because their food is always better than yours.

7. Spent the entire lecture in a YouTube rabbit hole.

And that is why you should always sit in the back row.

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