Freshman year is something that nobody can explain to you. You learn a lot so here are some things to be prepared for.

1. Class Size:

Probably the thing that shocked me the most starting college was how many students can be in one class. Most of my classes have 200+ students in them. This was a little overwhelming for me because I came from a graduation class of 30 students. Now not all classes are like that, I’ve had a few classes where there were only 27 students in the room.

2. Rate My Professor is your best Friend:

Rate my professor has almost ever college professor and what their class average is, how good of a teacher they are, and if attendance matters in the class. This website has saved me a couple of times from signing up with a bad teacher. ALWAYS LOOK UP YOUR TEACHER.

3. Food:

Anywhere on campus is good to eat. My favorite place to eat for breakfast is probably the Perry, but for lunch and dinner The Fresh is the place to go. If you don’t want to sit down, you can just go to the Union and grab Chick-Fil-A or Panda Express. Also, try to use all your flex and blocked meals. Blocked meals don’t roll over so try to use those as much as you can. Flex rolls over from fall to spring but after the spring semester they don’t roll over.

4. Money:

Being a broke college kid is a real thing. Eat as much as you can on campus and try not to go out to eat off campus. Now if your parents are in town go out to eat for every meal. A free meal is the best meal. Moral of the story use your money wisely and not on stupid things.

5. Greek Life:

It’s not just about having the letters is something much bigger than that. I went through fall rush and it was the best decision. I know it not for everyone, but I’ve met some of my best friends through Greek life.

6. Home:

I’m the oldest of 7 kids, so I thought I would want to go home almost every weekend to see my siblings. Not at all. I loved staying in Starkville on the weekends and hanging out with friends or even just laying in my bed all day watching Netflix. I also love staying in Starkville because campus can be quiet sometimes and it’s amazing. But do make sure you go home because your parents will miss you and want you to come home as much as you can.

7. Game Days:

SEC football, basketball, baseball, really any sport is the greatest. During the fall, all I look forward to are football games on Saturdays. Also, if there’s an 11 a.m. football game, don’t go unless it’s a good team we are playing. At Mississippi State we are known for the cowbell and if you haven’t ever rung one I strongly suggest you do! Women’s and men’s basketball games in the hump are the most energetic games you will go to, but also the most stressful games you will go to.