7 Overdue Thank-Yous You Owe To The Best Roomie Ever

7 Overdue Thank-Yous You Owe To The Best Roomie Ever

Thanks for listening to my TED talks at 2 a.m.


To my roommate,

There aren't enough thank-yous I could ever say to you. I know I say thank you a lot to you, but I hope you truly know how incredibly thankful I am for you. How lucky am I that I get to live with my best friend? I am forever grateful for a friend and roommate like you. Not many people can put up with me, let alone live with me.

1. Thank you for being my therapist.

You always listen to what I have to say even though I've already talked about the same issue 100 times. You still sit there and let me talk and offer your best advice. Most people would've told me to shut up by now, but not you.

2. Thank you for being the best person to go to parties with.

Whether it be a night at the bars, a frat or some house party you always make it better. You've helped me out of situations I didn't want to be in, encouraged me to go talk to that guy I think is cute, been my personal hype man and always knew when enough was enough. You always make everything more fun and are always encouraging me to dance. I think you're the only person who understands how much I love to dance.

3. Thank you for binge-watching shows with me.

I don't think anyone else would stay up until 3 am a couple times a week to watch the gameshow network with me. I always like watching new shows with you or re-watching ones we've already seen multiple times. Thanks for liking the same shows as me. Not many people enjoy watching Family Feud for 5 hours at a time.

4. Thank you for picking me up when I am down.

You have seen me at my best and my worse. You are there for me when I am thriving. You've encouraged me to be my best, always believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. But, you have also seen me at my worse. You've let me cry on you while you hugged me. You brought tissues to me when I was sobbing because the boy I loved, didn't want to be together anymore. You never forced me to talk about it, but you always told me that you were here for me when I was ready. And when I was ready to talk, you sat and listened and let me continue to cry and cry.

5. Thank you for being the best sorority sister a girl could ask for.

I know that sometimes we complain about it, but I think it brings us closer. There is no one I rather go to swaps with.

6. Thank you for being the best big.

You have always looked out for me and had my best interest at heart.

7. In general, thank you for accepting me for me.

You have seen every side of me from me playing the same song on repeat for hours, giving TED talks to you at 2 am, from me crying and throwing stuff, to me yelling at the TV and from just me being me. When I look back on all my memories I have made in college, you're in all of them. There is no one I rather spend these next couple years with or live with. I am forever grateful for you my roommate and best friend.

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Why Girls Love The Dad Bod

If your man can rock the dad bod, he's a keeper.


In case you haven't noticed lately, girls are all about that dad bod.

Girls have been dealing with body image issues since the beginning of time until recent (for those of you who consider yourselves to be "Thick thin") I hadn't heard about this body type until my roommate mentioned it. She used to be crazy over guys she claimed had the dad bod.

After observing the guys she found attractive, I came to understand this body type well and was able to identify it. The dad bod is a nice balance between a beer gut and working out. The dad bod says, "I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time." It's not an overweight guy, but it isn't one with washboard abs, either.

The dad bod is a new trend and fraternity boys everywhere seem to be rejoicing. Turns out skipping the gym for a few brews last Thursday after class turned out to be in their favor. While we all love a sculpted guy, there is just something about the dad bod that makes boys seem more human, natural, and attractive. Here are a few reasons that girls are crazy about the dad bod.

It doesn't intimidate us.
Few things are worse than taking a picture in a bathing suit, one being taking a picture in a bathing suit with a guy who is crazy fit. We don't want a guy that makes us feel insecure about our body. We are insecure enough as it is. We don't need a perfectly sculpted guy standing next to us to make us feel worse.

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We like being the pretty one.
We love people saying "they look cute together." But we still like being the center of attention. We want to look skinny and the bigger the guy, the smaller we feel and the better we look next to you in a picture.

Better cuddling.
No one wants to cuddle with a rock. Or Edward Cullen. The end.

Good eats.
The dad bod says he doesn't meal prep every Sunday night so if you want to go to Taco Tuesday or $4 pitcher Wednesday, he'd be totally down. He's not scared of a cheat meal because he eats just about anything and everything.

You know what you're getting.
Girls tend to picture their future together with their guys early on. Therefore, if he already has the dad bod going on, we can get used to it before we date him, marry him, have three kids. We know what we are getting into when he's got the same exact body type at the age of 22 that he's going to have at 45.

So there you go. A simple break down of why girls everywhere are going nuts over this body type on males. We like it. We love it. We want some more of it. So here's to you dad bods, keep it up. Men, confidently strut that gut on the beach because while you stare at us in our bikinis we will be staring just as hard.

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Why You Should And Shouldn't Pursue A Science Degree

From personal experience, here are some actual reasons, in my opinion, why a science degree is a really bad, yet really good idea.


Since I was in maybe 6th or 7th grade, I've always dreamed of being a doctor. Don't ask me why, but for some reason, I just up and decided I wanted to pursue one of the hardest possible careers that exist. Anatomy, science, and math have always been interests of mine, but not necessarily strong-suits. These areas, for me, always take extra work and studying to excel on exams and homework versus English and history. Regardless, I ignored this. Why? I am dumb. I didn't pay attention to what my personal strengths are, but rather what my interests alone were. I guess what I am trying to say here is, through personal experience, I've learned that it's important to pay attention to what your personal talents and interests are and to find a good middle ground. This can apply to any degree, not just a science degree.

Interest in science has increased over time. As technology and medicine have advanced, people have recognized that there is a need for more people in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) field. There are more jobs available for people who pursue STEM degrees, and those jobs generally offer more money. According to Business Insider, non-STEM majors earn an average of $15,500 less per year starting salary than STEM majors. This is enticing to many but can be misleading. Science degrees are very difficult to earn, which is why they offer such high-earning salaries and give so many job opportunities after college.

If you are actually good at math and science and know the first 100 numbers of pi off the top of your head, by all means, feel free to become a neurosurgeon or aerospace engineer, but I had to learn my lesson the hard way. Just know that nobody's opinion matters but your own and this is your life. The decisions you make during these four years will affect your career for the rest of your life. Don't pursue a degree just because it will make you a lot of money. Pursue a career because you are good at it and you actually enjoy it.

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