7 Most Surprising 2017 TV News

7 Most Surprising 2017 TV News

Even in this golden age of television, no one can be too careful.

The blossoming of spring isn't the only thing on the horizon this May. It's also the crucial time where the fate of your favorite television shows is on the chopping block. This past week the roundup (or scorecard) of what television shows were returning, canceled, or still waiting in the wings. Did you favorite show make the cut?

Among this news, it also brought up some questions regarding certain creative decisions. Check out some of these surprising turns below:

1. The end of "Scandal" is upon us.

After six delectable seasons, "Scandal" will finally come to a close with its upcoming seventh season. Though definitely with mixed feelings, an end for the show soon seemed inevitable. "Friends" is an outlier, but the will they/won't they business with Fitz and Olivia could only go on for so long. Also, creator Shonda Rimes made a valid point in how the fiction of the show was hitting too close to home in these politically vapid times.

2. No need to fear, ShondaLand still remains supreme.

But don't worry over how you'll fill your "Scandal" fix! Rimes is still giving us plenty to deliver next year with season renewals for "How to Get Away with Murder" and "Grey's Anatomy". Also, Rimes' new legal drama has just been picked up by ABC. Not only will we be keeping with the Keating Five and our favorite staff at Seattle Grace Hospital, but we'll be given some wonderfully new charismatic characters to become obsessed with.

3. "Once Upon a Time" returns, but with no cast?

"Once Upon a Time" is still kicking. However, most of its principal, ensemble-based cast that the show was founded on will not be returning. Jennifer Morrison (Emma), Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White), Josh Dallas (Prince Charming), Jared Gilmore (Henry), Emilie de Ravin (Belle), and Rebecca Mader (Zelena) are not set to make another appearance in Storybrooke. This major news puts into question why wouldn't they cancel the show and result into a spin-off? Morrison's character was the entire show's impetus and it doesn't seem to make much sense, especially if all of her remaining major players will also not be in tow.

4. Fans have the power to bring back shows.

Apparently, this proves to be true in that NBC brought back "Timeless" after outrageous fan uproar. This decision is shocking in not only being a fan victory, but the company allowing the power of their network completely out of their hands. It's definitely a puzzlement and also leads to think how much passion there will be on this project now knowing how NBC was not looking forward to this renewal.

5. "13 Reasons Why" has to come back for some reason.

The acclaimed novel is beloved by many as a resonant, stirring work dealing with teen suicide and mental illness. The "limited" Netflix series has caused a polarizing effect on people in terms of whether it has been a successful show on matching the author's tone and message of the story. The show, like many book to screen adaptations, of course took liberties with changes resulting in many loose ends in its finale. But it seems to take away from the point of the book and in extending past that ending into becoming it's own show entirely now, sans Hannah or tapes.

6. "American Horror Story" will outlive us all.

Ryan Murphy wants you to know he isn't going anywhere soon. Though it feels like this show was a forgotten dream still dealing with murder houses and witches, believe it or not it's still going. And apparently it has been renewed through season nine! What else could they possibly do? The 2016 Election is set for their next season because we all really need to relive that horror again.

7. Golden Globe winners are no guarantees.

While many shows have gotten the green light, others were not so lucky. Such is the case especially with award winners like "American Crime". Sometimes you're able to fly under the radar and get another season. But also you could have a couple good seasons and then get the ax much like "2 Broke Girls". Even in this golden age of television, no one can be too careful.

Cover Image Credit: http://www.etonline.com/tv/217283_2017_tv_show_renewed_canceled_list_abc_cbs_cw_fox_nbc/

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