1. The obvious: It's impossible to find clothes that fit you.

Whether you're searching for business attire for your job, a cute outfit to hit the town or even just a pair of shoes, shopping is a nightmare. And there is nothing more embarrassing then hearing the salesperson say, "Have you checked the juniors section?"

2. You will never utter the words "My boobs are too big for that."

Now, of course, you don't want boobs that are too big, but something more than the mosquito bites you were given would be nice. Constantly searching for bras that will deceive everyone ("You can totally fill out that dress!") can be tiresome.

3. Bracelets and watches are practically non-existent in your wardrobe.

Unless you take the time (and money) to custom fit bracelets and watches to your tiny wrists, good luck finding anything that doesn't constantly slip off. Besides, why would you wear a watch when you'd much rather have people grabbing and inspecting your wrists shouting "OMG, you are SO tiny! I can't believe your wrist is THIS small!"

4. Going out to get a drink is always a never-ending stream of interrogation.

"You're obviously not 21, do you think I'm dumb?" "This ID is clearly fake, you're obviously still in high school." "There's no way you're old enough to get in here." Fake ID's were never a thing for you while all your high school friends ran around playing pretend. Even when you're finally old enough, the long, embarrassing interrogation doesn't end.

5. The phrase you hear almost every single day: "But you're gonna look great when you're 40!"

... Am I 40 yet?

6. You're so tired of being called "cute".

I know I know, this is a very trivial thing to complain about. Of course cute is a compliment. But cute starts to hurt when all your friends start hearing "beautiful" and "hot" and the gorgeous guy at the bar doesn't want to get your number, but pat you on the head and pinch your cheeks.

7. Very rarely are you taken seriously.

Nothing more frustrating then hearing "awwww you're so adorable when you're angry." No. I am not adorable. I am angry. Bite me.

It's safe to say that baby-faced, tiny girls go through many struggles in daily life. However, there is one advantage that can (sometimes) make it all worth it:

1. Overcoming being underestimated.

The "being underestimated" part isn't so perky. Whether it's in school, work or the social scene, there is always someone underestimating just how great you are. But there is a rush of satisfaction when you see the face of a person who was surprised by your success. You got that right, this baby-faced, tiny-bodied, young-looking girl just killed that presentation, got that promotion, scored that hot guy at the bar. Sure, maybe we have to work a little harder to prove people wrong, but they're never going to call you cute or not take you seriously again, trust me.