English majors are unique to say the least. Just like any other college major, we tolerate our fair share of stereotypes. Although this may apply to some of us, we do not all want to be English teachers and our major is not "easy" or "fake." Contrary to popular belief, being an English major is anything but a walk in the park. Here is a list of struggles that all English majors can probably empathize with.

1. Having to read all the time but never having any time to read

With all that we have to read for class, there is rarely any time to read. Don't get me wrong, we can still read what we are assigned in class. Yet, we cannot read for fun which is sad because pleasure reading is what fueled most of our passions for English in the first place.

2. Writer's Block

Writer's block is OUR WORST, and I mean OUR WORST ENEMY. Especially when it consumes us at the most inconvenient times like when we have to start or finish a paper that is due the next day.

3. Having to cut words out of an assignment to come in under the word limit

Though it might be painful, and it feels like we are cutting ourselves short, it must be done. Somehow, it is a norm for us yet our friends can barely reach the minimum word limit. Weird.

4. Editing everyone's papers (but secretly loving it)!

We are always everybody's go-to person when it comes to editing a paper. Editing papers for others is good practice for editing our own and a great distraction from re-reading our own papers a million times.

5. Being dependent on our laptops

From essays to short stories and poems, everything we write is saved onto our laptops. Without our laptops, we would have none of our literary works, our pride and joy! We would not know what to do with ourselves if this was lost!

6. Always holding back the urges to correct everyone's poor grammar

It is always a struggle to hold ourselves back from correcting incorrect grammar. If only people knew the differences between plurals and possessives.

7. The misconception that English is an 'easy' or 'fake' major

Contrary to what you may have heard, English is not by any means an 'easy' or 'fake' major. We have difficult tests and homework just like any other major. The only difference is, our tasks usually involve reading and writing. In addition, an English degree is not pointless and no, we are not all going into teaching. English is the degree for many important occupations (besides teaching), including journalism, writing, publishing and public relations. In the end, English is our passion and no matter how hard the major may get we all know that we are where we belong.