7 Struggles Alternative Black People Know All Too Well
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7 Struggles Alternative Black People Know All Too Well

Let's touch base on few of many of the trials scene/goth/punk/ POC face everyday.

7 Struggles Alternative Black People Know All Too Well

Whether you're going through your "scene phase", saving up for Warped Tour 2016, or striding down the street in those gorgeous Demonia boots (as you rush to buy more eyeliner and black lipstick), you're a part of the alternative squad!

Anyone in our squad of alternative fashion is able to call themselves oddballs of society and they've been discriminated against at least once in their life for the way they dress, the music they rock to, or the ink on their skin. However, it's alternative people of color who have felt the worst grades of wrath from society! In particular, African American alternatives. Things can get really awkward and uncomfortable; most people aren't used to Black people who aren't hurrying to download the latest hip hop single, but instead are frantic to buy the new band merch at Hot Topic.

So, if you're an alternative Black person (or alternative POC in general), you may be able to identify with some of the things listed below...

1. Your white friends are the struggle!

That awkward moment when you're not sure how to tell them that they're rude when they say things like "I've never seen a Black person pull off that style, but you look good!" or "I wish all Black people were like you!"

Dear white people, it's not cool to say things like that! You're not lifting anyone up when you're putting others down. There are plenty of alternative Black people! And even the ones who aren't are great people, too. Try adding some diversity to your life and see what you find 😉.

2. Your playlist consists of both rap and metal music!

It's so awkward when you're jamming to your favorite tunes on your phone with your best friend, and it goes from "Jumpman, jumpman, jumpman, them boys up to somethin'!" to "This is not what it is, only baby scars! I need your love like a boy needs his mother's side!" Because then you have to convince them that you're not a devil worshiper. Speaking of...

3. Explaining to your family members that you're not a satanist!

Your poor grandmother looks like she's going to have a heart attack when you show up to church in your all black Sunday apparel and dark makeup. She doesn't understand the difference between your Blackheart receipts and Anton LaVey's bible!

4. High school hurts like a mofo!

These years are going to be the worst! Between the popular guys and girls teasing you about your wardrobe, and looking at other alternative [non-Black] kids online and wondering why you can't look like them... You look up hair tutorials to figure out how to get your hair like them, but you know your mom would kill you if you ruined your new relaxer with all that hairspray and teasing. You want their outgoing clothes (that band merch and upside-down cross tank top), but your parents won't let you because "That's the devil!" Trust, it gets easier. Before you know it, you'll be off to college, living on your own with your own money that you'll be able to spend on anything you like (and no family will be around to tell you no). Society's more accepting in college, too. People actually appreciate your unique style! Stay strong, alt. brothas and sistas!

5. Shopping... everyone looks at you like you're lost!

You're in Hot Topic and all you want to do is pick up some merchandise that'll allow you to rep your new favorite band. But as you make your way to the metal-band-merch corner of the store, you can feel dozens of eyes glued onto you. You know what they're thinking... bad things! But you also know that you slay, so you grab your desired merch... and some platforms... and some fishnets... and you rock that sh*t until the world ends 💋

6. Feeling lonely, to be honest...

You feel like you're the only alternative Black person in the world... and that's okay! There aren't many of us, and you probably won't see us marching to the corner store in our spiffy Tuk Creepers (especially not through those thick scene bangs), but you have to remember the internet is a powerful, vast place. YouTube, Google, and Facebook will provide you with a wide variety of potential buddies and models that'll give you inspiration!

It's also tough trying to find a ❤️significant other❤️ who's okay with your unique style, or who [preferably] shares the alternative Black person title! Remember the internet! But be safe and be wise!

7. Embracing your uniqueness and realizing that you f**king slay!!

No matter what people tell us what fits us and what doesn't, and no matter who they tell us who we should and shouldn't be, we are who we are and we do what pleases us. As we should! So what you spend money on Warped Tour instead of the next Jay-Z concert. So what you ask for tickets to anime conventions and Afro Punk Fest for your birthday instead of the hottest pair of sneakers. Everyone is different and everyone is beautiful don't let anyone tell you any different!

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