7 Steps To Becoming A Confident Icon
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7 Steps To Becoming A Confident Icon

Starting with baby steps in hopes to eventually find your true potential.

7 Steps To Becoming A Confident Icon
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To start off, I would like to acknowledge that confidence is not something that someone was automatically born with. It is a skill that one learns overtime. I truly believe that these steps could make you strut this runway of life.

1. Look in the Mirror and Admire

Personally, I know how hard it is to look in the mirror and not squint your eyes in disgust. I get it. I have definitely been there. Start off by simply smiling at yourself and admiring everything about you. I don't just mean all of your good features, but all of the ones that you try to hide. Mine include my stomach, acne, pale skin, and the list goes on. Whatever they may be, just know having insecurities is a natural thing and so are flaws. Next time you look in the mirror instead of squinting of disgust, be blinded by the powerful, beautiful person looking back at you.

2. Show off the True You

I think one of the best pieces of advice that I got was about how much your clothing can affect your mood and overall confidence. Find your favorite pieces in your closet that make you want to dance around and then put them on. This might look different to everyone. Some might feel the most like themselves in a sun dress, and some might strut the most in gray sweatpants. Whatever it may be for you, accentuate all of your attributes making everywhere you go your own runway.

3. Make a Power Playlist

Assemble a playlist of songs that make you bop your head up and down and makes you want to get down on a dance floor. That will be the fuel of confidence that you will want or need. Personally, mine includes artists such as Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, etc. Find your own individual fuel and blare that constantly, seriously. Just watch your mood go up by the minute.

4. Set Goals 

In order to be able to make things happen, you must be able to set goals that you wish to complete. Constantly put yourself out there, and always challenge yourself to see the true extent of the amazing things you can accomplish. Go into each challenge with an optimistic outlook without thinking about what could go wrong. Instead, be thinking about the hard work that you will put in and the ideal outcome that you wish for.

5. Being Confident is not being Perfect

Failure is a completely normal thing in life. Each failure comes with a life lesson that you can take with you for the rest of your life, which in itself is so much more essential to your well being. Even the social media influencers that appear to be constantly perfect with absolutely no flaws, aren't. They each have their own struggles and insecurities. No one is perfect and everyone should stop acting like that is a standard. After a failure, pick yourself up for the next challenge you are going to kill.

6. Surround yourself with Hype

I am very blessed to say that I have a very strong friend group and the most supportive family that has been there for me through my confidence journey. Find people that truly only want the best for you and wish to see you succeed in your own way. People that look past your weaknesses and love every inch of you are going to be the ones that make you truly feel on top of the world. Not saying that you have to have people surrounding you to have confidence in yourself because you don't, but it definitely helps.

7. Be your own Biggest Fan

Realize that confidence is just simply a mentality. You can change the way you think when you wake up tomorrow to be the icon that you are. You have that power. Brush off what everyone else thinks about you. Think about what you think about you and hype yourself up with all the love that you deserve. You have to realize that this journey is with just yourself and is a key to a overall happier mindset. So go strut your own runway of life, babe.

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