7 Stages Of Winter Break For A College Student

7 Stages Of Winter Break For A College Student

It was the best of times, it was the laziest of times.

Winter break is a joyous time to relax, de-stress, and watch an abundance of Netflix. Although winter break is a great way to catch up on all the much needed sleep you've missed throughout the semester, it also tends to lose it's charm after a while of being stuck at home. There are many stages to winter break, and they can happen in any order.

1. Enjoying the pure bliss of lying around and doing nothing for the first time in months.

2. Starting to feel somewhat lazy, but reminding yourself that you deserve it.

3. Boredom begins to set in and you realize that having absolutely nothing to do for weeks is actually pretty sad.

4. Your family starts to drive you insane and you begin to miss living at school with all your friends.

5. You blow through entire shows on Netflix and start to leave a butt imprint behind on the couch.

6. Even though you’ve been pretty bored and lazy for weeks, somehow it’s almost over and you realize you never want it to end.

7. Winter break finally comes to an end, and the stress of classes makes you wish you had cherished those weeks of no responsibility a lot more.

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5 Activities To Do For Spring Break

Use your time wisely.

While spring break usually means that we have the right to do nothing for a whole week, there are a bunch of small things you can do to stay and feel productive. Even if you're traveling somewhere, here are a couple of options your free time.

1. Workout

While exercise is easier said than done, you should base your success on your own personal goals. Writing down things you want to accomplish, no matter how small they are, is the ultimate key to seeing progress. Stay motivated by your own goals and standards and let them guide you throughout your workout. Lastly, wake up early, drink more water, and do whatever it is that makes you comfortable. Follow your own rules and you’ll see it’s much easier to keep up than by comparing it to someone else’s progress.

2. Keeping Up With Schoolwork

3. Catch up on your sleep!!!

If there’s one thing you must do before anything else it’s sleep.This is by far the most important thing to do when you’re on a break because when everyone is back at school there is only a limited amount of time until finals which means no sleep. Take advantage of your bed and catch up on all the hours of sleep you’ve deprived yourself of; you deserve it.

4. Go outside!

It doesn’t have to be for long periods of time, but use the time off to see friends and family who you usually don’t see often. It’s nice to catch up for old times’ sake and keep everyone updated on how you’re doing.

Cover Image Credit: KImson Doan on Unsplash

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Top 3 Best And Worst Things About Your Spring Break Birthday

It's like a week long party – or is it?

Spring break is a sacred time to recuperate, adventure, party, and appreciate the lack of classes in your life. Honestly, what could make that better? Your birthday, that’s what!

While spring break has shifted weeks over our years in grade school and into college, if you have a mid-March birthday, chances are you’ve gotten the golden ticket to birthday perfection at least a few times in your life.

Spring break birthdays are brimming with possibilities and excitement. They are a reason to be even more eager for midterms to fall behind us so that you can cruise on into another year of being fabulous you.

The Good

1. No school (obviously) – it’s like a week-long celebration!

It’s obvious, isn’t it? You have an entire week to celebrate your birthday, to take a break, and to enjoy another year of life.

You don’t have to try and work around classes, study time, and most of your normal responsibilities. If you have an on-campus job, then you’re even luckier because you most likely will have the week off from work as well.

Seven whole days of partying, exploring, and doing whatever it is your heart so desires make for a pretty awesome birthday bash!

2. Everyone is in a good mood.

Your best friend doesn’t have a huge chemistry exam on your birthday, your boyfriend doesn’t have a packed day of classes and meetings, and your other friends are just in generally good moods since they're free of the confines that come with a busy school schedule.

Stress relief is in the air. It’s time to breathe it in and enjoy the lack of tension.

Not only is everyone else in a better mood because their stress levels have decreased, yours should be lower as well!

It’s so much easier to enjoy your birthday when you have a true break in the day-to-day of a busy schedule.

3. There are no major holidays surrounding your birthday!

All major holidays are located throughout the rest of the calendar year so spring break is like a holiday all its own.

Actually - scratch that - your birthday is the holiday of spring break!

Imagine having to share your special day with Halloween or Christmas? That would get old way before you are.

There are a few holidays that may fall within the week of spring break, like Easter or Saint Patrick’s Day, but the majority of the time, they do not.

Although if Saint Patrick’s Day is during your spring break week, then I dare say it isn’t going to steal the spotlight form your birthday. In fact, it’s just another reason to party.

With all of the positives that come with spring break birthdays, it’s hard to imagine that there are negatives involved; yet there is always a downside to every bright side.

The Bad

1. A lot of friends already have plans to return home or go on vacation.

There’s nothing worse than being the one person who doesn’t have exciting plans for the break. It’s even worse when you have no plans and a lonely birthday spent alone while your friends are all out having the time of their lives in some exotic location.

Friends can be hard to tie-down once their schedules are cleared or during breaks that may be dedicated to time spent back home with their families. It can be tough to deal with that reality.

2. Planning for your birthday must be strategic and done in advance.

With friends going MIA and people all over the nation gearing up for the best week of their lives, it's never easy planning a spring break birthday. In fact, it can be a real headache and a major heartache when your dream plans fall through.

Spring break birthdays must be planned strategically, planning in advance to deal with the crazy spring breakers that will take over every theme park, beach, and other major destinations.

Hotel rooms are a hot commodity and tickets to anything must be bought back when you’re buying everyone else’s Christmas gifts.

3. Prices for hotels and cruises skyrocket.

Prices for just about anything that can skyrocket will skyrocket around spring break season. Anything fun and otherwise interesting to do will likely be more expensive.

Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair that hotels are pricier and going on a cruise will pretty much devour your small savings set aside for your celebration.

In light of the bad and in celebration of the good, look at the bright side – it’s your birthday!

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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