7 Stages Of Registering For Classes
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7 Stages Of Registering For Classes

Why haven't I taken these classes before?

7 Stages Of Registering For Classes

It's that time of year again. Time to decide what we're taking next year, what subjects we want to explore if we haven't already and how stressed we will be next semester. As a rising senior, registering for classes feels more loaded than ever. This time next year, I'll be waiting to hear back on job applications rather than diving further into academia. Here are some of the thoughts that have been running through my head over the past few weeks, which I can only hope are relatable to some.

1. How many courses do I have left in my major?

What courses do I have left so I can actually get that degree? Each major has that one class that everyone avoids, maybe its boring or maybe its more difficult, but it needs to be taken. So, now its time to face the music.

2. What?! That professor is going on research leave?!

As you approach your senior year, you know what professors you like and which you want to avoid. Nothing can ruin class registration like hearing that your favorite professor will be off-campus for the year doing there own research. It's a major buzzkill.

3. I've always wanted to take that!

This is my last year, time to take that one English class I've always wanted to take. Sometimes, its good to save the best for last. This is the year to take all those classes you were interested in or heard your friends enjoyed but didn't have time to take. Plus, now you are the first ones to register so chances for getting into the class are higher!

4. I'm sorry, that class is at 8 a.m.? No thank you.

Once you've survived your first three years of college, you learn what hours you function best at. Some people like early morning classes to get the day started and over with, some prefer to sleep and wrap up their day in the afternoon. So, as much as I may be interested in that one class, I know that my head shouldn't leave the pillow until at least 9 a.m. So, nevermind.

5. Our school offers that major?

This is the time to try out everything you've wanted to. As you look through the course catalog, you notice all these different majors and minors that you had never paid much attention to. So, I guess I missed my chance to learn ancient Egyptian but now I will be learning how to draw (my doodles could use the help anyway).

6. How are these courses already full?!

You have perfectly figured out your schedule, balanced the amount of classes for each day all to find out that one of the classes is already full. Time to re-evaluate. That geology class is full, so what else can fill that slot in my schedule? Back to the drawing board (course catalog) for me.

7. This schedule will do just fine.

You did it. Finally. You've perfected your schedule and are excited for the next semester. Just keep your fingers crossed that spots will remain open until your registration time. Now go forth into class registration and get excited for the next semester.

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