With senior year comes many feelings and I've noticed during my 3 weeks in so far, that having a playlist to showcase all of these feelings is very helpful for the days you're either rejoicing about graduation, or crying, because we all know both of those are very common. This playlist, or should I say playLIT (haha) is composed of various genre's, various artists, and various emotions. I hope that you can put it to work and it serves its purpose of rightfully ending a chapter of your life.

1. "Good Riddance" - Green Day

I know, weird choice because it seems like Green Day basically fell off the face of the earth, however, great song. It somehow perfectly sums up a book closing and reminds you to have the time of your life in high school because it really doesn't last forever.

2. "Goodbye" - Aaron Tveit

Although this song is from a musical, that doesn't take any of the feelings you get when you hear it away. Also Aaron Tveit is very cute and his voice is amazing. 10/10 would recommend.

3. "I'll Always Remember You" - Hannah Montana

Ignore that this song is actually a Disney song from 2008. This song is literally about graduation and especially with this year's seniors, Hannah Montana is right up our alley. So seriously, please give it a chance. I promise it's so good.

4. "Take A Bow" - Rihanna

Rihanna is my queen, I love her with my entire heart. This song is such a good signification of an ending, even though it's about a break up. Graduating is basically a break up, right?

5. "Closing Time" - Semisonic

We all know this song is used in almost everything that seniors do, videos, slideshows, anything. It makes me cry now that I'm actually a senior, but before I never understood why it was so relatable or perfect for seniors, but now I do. It's about moving on and going off to college and having a new beginning. Great jam for a good cry, or the rejoicing of an ending.

6. "See You Again" - Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth

Although this is cheesy, it's very accurate. Your class becomes your family, and high school is hard and long. College is going to be even harder and even longer. It makes us realize the importance of our forever friends.

7. "Count on Me" - Bruno Mars

For some reason, our of every song that could make me cry, it's this one. It just really shows you how much friendship has made an impact in our lives during high school and how dependent we are on our friends that we've made during our four years in high school.

These songs all together compile a playlist of every emotion you'll need during your senior year of high school.

Good luck class of 2017.