7 Signs You And Your Best Friend Are An Old Married Couple
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7 Signs You And Your Best Friend Are An Old Married Couple

From here to eternity

7 Signs You And Your Best Friend Are An Old Married Couple

You two are known as the dynamic duo, double trouble, sisters from another mister - and you are no different than an old married couple. In both the past and present, you two have been through it all and there's no giving up on the friendship now. At this point, it looks like you're here to eternity.

1. Nothing fazes you anymore

The two of you have the reputation of saying or doing some rather ridiculous things other people would roll their eyes at. But no matter what you do, there is no judgement between you and your best friend. Quite frankly, neither of you care what goes on anymore.

2. One of you is always "right"

Or perhaps both of you are. Either way, you are always convinced that in every situation, one of you is right and the other is wrong, and you are quite adamant on your stance. In reality, both of you are probably wrong most of the time.

3. You're always complaining

There's always something ticking the two of you off. Whether it is a person, a class, or a TV show, you two have the habit of complaining to each other, and the habit is actually second nature by now.

4. You can do nothing and still be satisfied

Your friendship has gotten to the point where you can just sit in silence and be fine coexisting with each other. It may be boring but sometimes, neither of you are up for anything. The TV is also usually on in the background although neither of you are really watching.

5. You are always checking up on each other

You two have taken up the responsibility of caring for each other, even if you don't try to. Throughout the day, you are always reminding each other to get your tasks done and lives straightened out. Their pestering can be annoying, but they do want what's best for you.

6. You appreciate the little things

Bleak activities like a walk around the mall and dinner at 4PM do not sound too terrible to you at this point in your friendship. It does not take much planning for the two of you to enjoy yourselves in whatever you're doing. You can make the best out of anything that comes your way.

7. You're always reminiscing

You two have so many memories with each other that you made throughout the years. Of course, some of these are funny and others are just straight-up cringe worthy. Either way, you are happy to call each other best friends and you know that your friendship is bound to be one for life.

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