7 Signs You Might Be A Fitness Junkie

Whether it be coffee, sports, writing or music, everyone has their thing. But when you make a life change, maybe that thing changes? If you're trying to achieve a certain goal in physical health, you might slowly transition into somewhat of a fitness junkie. Here are seven signs that this may be your new "thing."

1. Every new workout is exciting.

Whether you're going to a barre class, yoga class or a group fitness workout, all of it is exciting. Every new studio brings a new sense of excitement, and you thrive on the happiness gained from entering before the workout and the adrenaline high afterwards.

2. All you can think about is new fitness gear.

Leggings and Nikes and sports bras, oh my! All you want is to feel fabulous while you workout, so your Pinterest boards and Safari tabs include various links to athletic wear sites and sale sites for fitness wear.

3. Pre and post-workout are your friend.

You love to try new types of drink mixes. Whether it's C4, whey protein or any other mix you can think of, you're ready to try it.

4. You hate missing a workout day.

Whether it's for the sake of being too busy, personal reasons or rest, you hate not hitting the gym. If you miss a workout, it's like missing out on one of the best parts of the day, and that makes you extremely sad.

5. Clean eating is the best eating.

Whether it's a new smoothie recipe, a juicery or a new alternative to your favorite sweet treat, you're always ready for some clean eats.

6. Morning workouts are actually pretty great.

I know, this sounds crazy, but getting up before the world does and working out with some of your friends at the gym is actually one of the best ways to start the day.

7. Cheat days are good...until you're ready to hit the gym again.

Even when you cheat and eat that slice of pizza, you're already thinking about your next workout, and that excites you. The idea of eating this delicious piece of cheesy goodness and then hitting the gym tomorrow is completely awesome.

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