7 Signs That Show You're An Impulsive Person

If you’re anything like me, then you happen to be an impulsive decision-maker. This attribute generally either works in your favor or completely destroys you. (You just hope for the best. There is no in-between. Good luck.) For the people who are unsure of their decision-making habits, I made a helpful list of seven traits that all point to an impulsive personality.

1. You’re young.

Typically, if you’re young, you’re impulsive. You don’t know any better than to act on your impulse, and this is usually what gets you into trouble. I’m sure you don’t see old people doing ridiculous shenanigans that could bear serious consequences. As a part of the youth, it’s almost a requirement to disregard all of those consequences and carry out your whims as you please.

2. You’re indecisive.

If the first sign didn’t convince you, you’re already in too deep. Now, this sign may seem like a contradiction, but hear me out. If you’re indecisive, making decisions is the hugest chore. Seriously, you furiously despise making long and hard decisions. You can take centuries on deciding what to eat, what to wear, how to cut your hair, where to go, where to shop, what to buy, what to watch, and what to read. Do you understand the never-ending dilemma? Therefore, when your brain actually decides what it wants within the first five minutes of pondering the question, you take that idea and run with it.

3. You don’t care what people think.

Normal, level-headed people tend to ask for advice before making decisions. But not you, my friend. No, you strap on your horse blinders and follow through with that impulse like it’s nobody’s business. To coattail the previous sign, if you start to ask for insight from others, you might psych yourself out and have to start the whole draining process over again. The only opinion that matters is yours, so when you act on your impulse, you don’t care what other people think about it.

4. Your actions elicit the response: “Why?”

People will ask you why you made that crazy and spontaneous decision without giving it any forethought. They just want to get inside your impulsive head and understanding the inner mechanisms of your hasty little brain. And you know what you’ll tell them? You’ll tell them: “I felt like it.” If you’re impulsive, then you’re emotional. It’s a package deal, so you make decisions based on your feelings. This will drive all of those logical people insane.

5. You may rethink and regret your decisions.

This is one of the side effects of being an impulsive person. It’s alright, it’s not like one of those commercials for the medicine with the outrageous side effects like heart failure or death; this one is manageable. When making speedy decisions, the consequence follows when your impulse is fulfilled and your desired result wasn’t met. You wrack your brain, questioning if the other decision was the right one. This side effect can easily be diminished by just not giving a damn, and going on with your life and continuing to execute other impulses. You’ll have forgotten all about it once you’re hung up on your next impulsive decision, which shouldn’t be too far behind.

6. You often use the phrase “F*** it."

This phrase is used to validate your impulsive actions. As you’re conducting the impetuous conclusion to do something stupid, these words most likely exit your mouth, leaving you feeling confident about your careless decision. If you find yourself uttering these words more than the average person, then you’re impulsive.

7. You’re courageous as Hell.

Finally, you’re brave, and that’s the great characteristic that comes along with being impulsive. Believe it or not, it takes a lot of courage to go with your gut feeling, or more poetically, to follow your heart. Most people call you crazy or irrational, but that’s because they’re too scared to do what you do.

Keep making some impulsive and slightly crazy decisions!

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