College is the time to start over and be whoever you want to be. Your friends from high school won't be there to tell embarrassing stories about your childhood, and your parents won't be there making every decision for you. You'll have all the freedom you want. Where you go to college can really make the difference about what the next four years will be like. Some people choose a big school, some a small school. They both have their benefits and drawbacks, but if you choose a small, private college, there's a good chance the next four years will be somewhat like a Déjà vu of high school. Here's why:

1. Everyone Knows Your Business

Your school is basically the same size as a high school, so news travels fast. Did you get so drunk last weekend that you had to sleep on the bathroom floor? Within a few days, everyone knows. Even one of your professors asked if you were okay... yeah, I mean EVERYONE knows.

2. Every Party You Go To Is The Same 20 People

The point of going out to college parties is to either have fun with your friends or meet new people. Well, you better really like your friends because the same people will be at every party you go to. You'll have to venture out a little further if you want to see unfamiliar faces.

3. You've Either Dated Them, or Your Friend Has

Good luck finding a date that someone in your group hasn't already been out with. If you meet a cute guy in class, you better ask your roommates about him because they will definitely have a story about how their friend so-and-so already went out with him, and it was awful. Don't go there.

(Please excuse Gretchen's bad grammar, she really means "regardless").

4. There Is No Place For Picky Eaters

Your college is so small that there's only two places to eat: a cafeteria-style dining hall and to-go cafe. You better get used to eating whatever weird chicken or pasta dish they fix up for dinner, or you'll be eating a lot of cereal and pizza. Taco Bell might only be a few blocks away, but believe it or not, you can only eat Chalupas and Crunch Wrap Supremes for so long.

5. You'll Still Have Class When It Snows

There may be a few inches of snow on the ground and more coming, but don't expect all of your classes to be canceled. Almost everyone lives on campus, so unless your professor calls out because they can't make it to class, you'll be trekking your way across the mall after a two-hour delay that really only made the snow worse.

6. No One Has Ever Heard Of Your School

You know the face—the one where they ask you where you go to school, so you tell them, and they pretend that they know what you're talking about. You could probably make up any ridiculous story about your school and they would believe you just so they won't make you feel bad about going to a no-name school. It's a lot easier to just tell them what other, bigger schools you're near.

7. It's Almost Impossible To Do Laundry

There may be over 100 people living in your dorm, but there are only three washers and four dryers (like that really makes sense). Finding an open washer and dryer on the first try is less likely than hitting the lottery. If you do actually get to wash your clothes, make sure you set a timer. A girl with no clean underwear can be brutal, and as soon as your spin cycle stops, she will dump your wet clothes on the floor with no regrets.