Seven Signs You're Already Ready For The Holiday Season
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Seven Signs You're Already Ready For The Holiday Season

This is the time of the year you've been waiting for and you won't wait any longer.

Seven Signs You're Already Ready For The Holiday Season
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Halloween is over. Daylight Savings has past. We have officially entered into November. What does this mean? It means we are bound to catch the super-early holiday TV commercials any day now; we will soon see our local department stores decorated accordingly; and we might hear a Christmas song on the radio this week. Insanity, some say! It's way too early to start thinking about the holidays!

I say nay. I say bring on the Thanksgiving cooking, the gingerbread house building, the Black Friday madness. I cannot wait to pick out the perfect Christmas tree with my parents and go gift shopping for my friends. This is the most wonderful time of the year, people. What's so wrong about it arriving a little bit early?

Here are seven signs that you agree:

1. You've got your mind on winter break.

Have you begun the countdown to the end of the semester yet?

2. You are already thinking about what gifts to give.

...while simultaneously checking on your bank account.

3. You're already writing drafts of your wishlist.

Now it's a matter of cough-hinting in conversations what you'd like to receive from your loved ones this year.

4. Seasonal food cravings are beginning.

Need Joey say more?

5. Seasonal baking cravings are beginning.

Your sweet tooth is beckoning. You're just as excited as Justin.

6. You're looking forward to all the good television there is to watch on Thanksgiving.

You have all month to master your channel-flipping skills — and you'll need it, if you want to watch the parade, "March of the Wooden Soldiers, the Honeymooners" marathon and all the football games.

7. You can't wait to spend time with your family and your old friends.

And, you know...hug and sing to each other.

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