7 Shows That You Can Always Re-Watch On Netflix
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7 Shows That You Can Always Re-Watch On Netflix

The perfect shows for background noise, binge-watching, and a quick laugh.

7 Shows That You Can Always Re-Watch On Netflix

My name is Sarah, and I’m addicted to Netflix.

We’ve all been there. The all too familiar Netflix binge that occurs without us even noticing. The 15 second pause in between each episode is simply not enough time to decide to stop watching so we continue. And continue. And continue. Then the sound of the show stops and you realize Netflix wants to know if it should continuing playing, forcing me to move my mouse to that window just to click “continue playing” and indulge myself in several more hours of streaming.

So I keep watching until suddenly its 2am and you have to wake up for an 8am class. But thats the problem, Netflix makes it too easy to procrastinate and loose track of time. Especially since it has so many of my favorite shows that I can re-watch again and again without getting tired of them, making them excellent background noise for my homework (I am not encouraging this, but it does happen).

Here are some of the best shows to watch again and again on Netflix:

1. Friends

    I dare someone to find a better show. It may be “old” aka from the 90s, but it is a classic and the jokes are timeless. Anyone who has ever watched friends has their favorite character, favorite couple, and favorite plot line and we never get tired of them! I am about to finish watching it for the 5th time through on Netflix (I’ve done it more than that in total), and I have no regrets.

    2. Parks and Recreation

    Okay, so I have technically only watched this once all the way through but I plan to rematch the entire thing soon. Every character from Pawnee, Indiana is hysterical and there is never a dull moment. (Plus, my dog’s name is Lil’ Sebastian so I am very attached to this show). Seriously, just treat yo self and watch this show!

    3. Gilmore Girls

    The constant witty banter between Lorelei and Rory is unsurpassed by any other show. Every supporting character has tons of personality that it makes me want to jump through the computer and visit Stars Hollow. I can’t wait for the premiere of their seasonal episodes coming out November 25th.

    4. How I Met Your Mother

    This show is the 2000s version of Friends. I don't think its nearly as good but its funny enough to re-watch a few times, even if its only for the one-liners. Barney Stinson is too much of a spectacle to not enjoy this show. And sometimes its always good to play a round of "have you met Ted?"

    5. Don't Trust the B**** in Apt 23

    This show is so easy to binge-watch because its only two seasons! It's underrated and truly hilarious. Just try to treat your roommate better than Chloe treats June. The Dawson's Creek references are just a bonus.

    6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    Again, this show is super easy to binge-watch because there are only two seasons (so far)! Ellie Kemper is absolutely hilarious and the antics that Titus and Kimmy get into are so much fun to watch!

    7. New Girl

    Jess and her roommates in apartment 4D are always up to something and its definitely worth watching. The episodes are short so its easy to sneak a few in every once in a while. Jess' infectious attitude will quickly warm its way into your heart while Nick's cynicism brings out a bitter side of you. And Schmidt's unique approach to life and luxury will always keep you laughing. They add the new seasons often to Netflix which is a bonus!

    I realize that all the shows on this list are comedies, but thats because they are the best for background noise and binge-watching! They're easy to follow and fun to watch repeatedly. So happy binge-watching!

    P.S. Don't forget that school comes first and that Netflix should only be used to reward productivity.

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