7. Never doing anything the first couple months of college.

I spent many days of the first couple months of college solemnly in my room as I avoided going to parties and social functions because I was too afraid and I had very little friends. College can be a scary place when you're thrown out into the world on your own. So a natural remedy to help yourself might be to shut out the world and do nothing, but that's not healthy for one's mental state in the least.

6. Being indecisive.

Never being able to decide on what I want to eat, want to wear, and most importantly, what I want to do with my life has made me feel like I have time wasted that I could have spent on preparing for my future career.

5. Being needy.

Being reliant on parents and friends is a different ballgame in college. Your friends are not there to take care of you in the same sense that your parents are. And nobody wants to deal with someone who hasn't entirely grasped independence. I could never apologize and thank the people who deal with me on the daily enough to any extent.

4. Not being social enough.

Sure there is your main friend group, but you might realize that you wish you would've had the confidence to socialize with other people from a class or at a party that might turn out to be really cool people you'll know in the future.

3. Having too big of a heart.

As a "save the world" type of person, it can be hard sometimes when people don't relate to your level of sympathy or empathy that you have for other people. Sometimes, it can lead to the cliche of "being walked all over" or feeling like you can never be pleasing. When in actuality, you shouldn't be obligated to show how much you care. There is a need to learn that your friends will love and accept you just by being you even if you are an emotional train wreck.

2. Not expressing emotions in a proper manner.

Having a naturally stone-like face (aka RBF) tends to lead people to believe that you are just angry or upset all the time when that may be the least of the case. People might find you as "hard to read" and not know how to handle what you're feeling. This can also lead to many petty arguments because you don't know to properly express yourself or at least express yourself as an adult should.

1. Saying I have no regrets.

It's my own overused expression with a lying undertone. I think the truth is, we all have regrets, but pride may get in the way of feeling okay to admit that.