Ultimate Frisbee, is typically stereotyped as "nerdy" or "for dogs" when brought up in conversation. Me, along with many others would like to disagree on this generalized assumption; it's much more than that. Here is a list of reasons why you should give ultimate a try.

1. It's a Great Way To Meet New People!

All around the world people are playing and this sport is spreading rapidly to new areas. Since it is one of the fastest growing sports there are MANY opportunities to meet new people. Ultimate is such a friendly, welcoming community. When I first joined my college team, I felt as if I've known all my teammates for years. I fit right in, feeling accepted and appreciated. Not to mention it's one of the only sports today that has a co-ed option

2. Its A Mix of All of the greatest Sports!

Certain aspects of the game can be related to other sports that already are existing. For example, soccer has a lot of the same movements with cutting, and defensive order on the field. Track and Field can be connected to ultimate for the long endurance running, sprinting, and jumping aspect of the game. Football is often compared to how the game is played and the movement you need to get down the field. There are many other sports that are tied into ultimate having those only being a couple off the top of my head. It's unique and unlike any other sport that I've ever played.

3. You Can Play For Fun, or Competitively

There are many different levels in ultimate you can choose from. Whether it be a pick up game locally, a nationals level club team, or a professional team. There are many options available to meet your preference.

4. You Can Wear Whatever You Want

My first ultimate tournament ever, I noticed other teams dressed in dresses, onesies, and crazy hats. I asked a fellow teammate why they were wearing what they were wearing, and she replied with "It's ultimate, anything goes". Weird outfits are encouraged, and not to mention respected if you can play in it!

5. It Keeps You Active and In Shape

Playing ultimate is a great way to stay healthy and fit. The games are fast paced, but easy to pick up. While playing on the field there really gets your adrenaline going. Afterwards it leaves you feeling totally relaxed and at ease.

6. Heckling Is Encouraged

Who doesn't love joking around with friends? This makes watching teammates play so much more fun. This is also a great reminder in what ultimate is really about. And that's having a good time! It takes the edge off a bit.

7. The Parties

Where memories are created, and nicknames are born. Ultimate is continued off the field, in a social setting typically tied with post-tournament activities. My favorite gatherings are the ones you get to dress up relating to the "theme" of the party. Ultimate players tend to go all out with this. Activities may be a disc race with your team, or a game of shake shake bang bang leaving everyone soaked.

8. Spirit Of The Game

Having spirit is one of the most important quality as an ultimate player and a part of the game as a whole. As you may or may not know, besides professional ultimate teams most games are played without a referee. It is up to each team player to make the right calls throughout the game. This builds character showing the importance of honesty and integrity.