7 Reasons Why You Should Craft More

7 Reasons Why You Should Craft More

Because Crafting is Life.


You may think you’re not creative, but you are. You can find inspiration in anything from nature to Pinterest boards, and life is full of creative opportunities. 

Once you start crafting, you’ll be hooked because there are so many reasons why this activity is the absolute best. This is why I spend so much time cutting and painting and adding glitter to anything and everything. 

1. Crafting is a means of self-expression
What do you think is pretty? Are you feeling a little bit down or, on the contrary, totally hopeful? Crafting is your chance to put it all on canvas, a picture frame, a wine glass, or any other object that suits your fancy. 

2. Crafting is therapeutic
Crafting is a bit mechanical, which makes it super relaxing. You can do it while listening to your favorite playlist, for instance, and there you have an instant pick-me-up. It’s a great way to stop thinking about all the stressful things in your life and take the edge off after a long day or a long week. 

3. Crafting makes you proud of yourself
It’s no secret - our achievements make us proud. Well, the things we craft are achievements, however insignificant they may seem. I promise you that you’ll be proud of yourself after executing your take on an awesome DIY bracelet tutorial. And if your own pride isn’t enough encouragement, you can always promote your talents on Instagram, and make your followers proud too. Compliments are always nice.

4. You can make cheap and personalized gifts
You can claim that you’re not creative, but you can’t claim that you’re not broke. You’re in college, dude. The possibilities for DIY gifts are endless, don’t cost much to make, and are a lovely gesture. Your friends will be really happy to receive a unique gift specially designed for them - pinky swear. 

5. You can decorate your room in a cheap and personalized way
Decorative items are usually either expensive or ugly. If you get crafty, you can decorate your quarters exactly the way you want them, and make all your friends jealous in the process. 

6. You’ll always have something to do with your hands
If you’re anything like me, you’re always fidgeting. You can’t even watch TV without having to do something else at the same time. I blame my iPhone. The solution? You guessed it, get crafty! You’ll never feel like you’re wasting your life away on Netflix again. You’re being productive! 

7. Crafting is a great way to recycle
You’ll need a basic crafting kit to get you started of course - composed of scissors, construction paper, ribbons, paint, Sharpies, glitter, and anything you feel like upscaling. With that in mind, there are many items that you would usually throw in the recycling bin that can double as fabulous craft supplies. Any empty food container, old shoe box, or even those free sunglasses you got during zero week of last year can become something more. A little imagination (and a thorough Google search) will take you and your randomest possessions a long way. 

Crafting is super easy, cheap and rewarding; there are tutorials for everything you could think of all over the internet, so just do it! Plus if you take up the ol’ arts and crafts, you’ll always be surrounded by pretty things. Yay pretty things! Convinced yet? 

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