I consider my teammates to be my family. We spend so much time together and learn so much about each other in such a short amount of time. These are some of the reasons why I consider my team my family.

1. They have my back on and off the field.

No matter what, your teammates are there for you. They would literally fight for you.

2. We can be super competitive one second, but then BFFs the next.

A little friendly competition at practice never hurts.

3. We always want the best for each other.

We always want our teammates to play and compete at the best of their abilities.

4. We lean on each other for support.

Throughout the season, we all go through rough patches, but our teammates are there to help us through them.

5. We don't judge each other for anything.

There is literally no judgement being passed around. We are super comfy with each other and speak our mind.

6. We can read each other's minds.

With one look, you know exactly what your teammate is trying to say.

7. Your bond is unbreakable.

No matter how far you live apart from each other during the summer, you'll always keep in touch, and things will always go back to the way they were when you move back to school.