Have you ever had the thought that working with the public isn’t something you want to do? Or that people just plain out bother you sometimes? Maybe, just maybe you aren’t a people person either. I must admit; it is easier to withstand people some days over others. We all have our days, but most of the time I find myself being pushed away from people. It isn’t necessarily the public or all people that do it, certain ones just make it worse than others. Here are 7 reasons why I’m not a people person.

  • Lying – honesty is something that I, personally, like in someone. When someone lies, it just pushes you away and it makes trusting a person harder after so many people who you care about, lie to your face all the time.
  • Acting dumb – There is a difference between being completely dumbfounded about what someone is saying or just acting like you are dumbfounded. If you know what is going on and act like it is nothing, you aren’t being true to yourself or your friends.
  • Prying – Personally, I don’t like when people pry into my private life. That life is a separate one from my school and work life. It creates less stress in the end if it’s like that.
  • Assuming – Anymore, people assume they know you when they don’t. If you don’t know me, then you can’t assume anything. (Although, we know that they are going to anyways).
  • Jumping to conclusions – There are reasons that people don’t say what they need to do, so I guess that means that they are doing something that someone is not going to approve of. Well, that isn’t always the case. Maybe they are planning something for you and want it to be a surprise.
  • Talking behind your back – Now, I know this is never going to stop with people. Although, I am one of those people that if you have something to say about me, simply do that. Don’t go to other people and talk about me. I find that very disrespectful and quite annoying.
  • Leave the past in the past – A lot of things happened, that is why it is called the past. There’s no problem remembering the great times about the past, but when you bring up points to hurt someone; that’s an issue. If it is going to hurt or embarrass someone, don’t say it and just leave it where it is supposed to be ̴ in the past.