7 Reasons to Visit Your Parents

After long days and nights of attending class, studying, socializing, and partying, a little time for rest and relaxation is much needed. One place a college student can go for this is their parents' house.

When you're in high school, you think once you move away from home, you will never want to return. While you may not want to completely move back home, going home for a short visit once and a while has its perks. Here are 7 reasons why going home to visit your parents is a great thing.

1. The bed.

I know I am not the only one who looks forward to sleeping in my old bed when I visit my parents. Getting to sleep a couple nights on a mattress that has not been around since prehistoric times and most likely won't crinkle when you roll over has some definite perks. For me, a weekend at home means nights of relaxation and mornings of restfulness.

2. The bathroom.

Community bathrooms are gross. Cleaning up and doing your duties privately is a huge perk of visiting your parents. Not having to lug your shampoo back and forth and not having someone else in the room when you are "visiting the Oval Office" at your parents' house is just another bonus of being at home.

3. The food.

Nothing beats a good home-cooked meal. If you mom is anything like mine, she will already have your favorite meals planned for the visit. Comfort food doesn't stop at Mom's cooking, either. Eating at hometown restaurants often brings back wonderful memories and is a treat when you visit your parents.

4. The Laundry.

Leave your quarters at college! Visitng your parents means FREE laundry! The word "free" is a college student's best friend. Not only does doing laundry at your parents' house mean more quarters for late night vending machine runs, but it also means cycle choices. If your mom is feeling extra nice, she may even do your laundry for you!

5. The Quiet.

Your parents may not want to admit it, but parties are a part of college living, and parties mean noise. Sometimes these loud parties make it hard to study late at night or binge watch Grey's Anatomy. Your parents' house is most likely a quieter environment than a college living situation, giving you quiet time to rest, relax, and get some studying in.

6. The Friends.

Being back at home is a great time to get together with your high school friends, especially those that attend different schools. You can visit your favorite high school hangout, share all of your fun college stories, and talk about how much your former classmates have changed. (This reunion will most likely end in a group selfie posted on social media with some cliche caption on how the group is back together.)

7. The Pets.

I admit, one of the main reasons I love to visit my parents is to see my dog. There are not many things better than kisses and cuddles from your favorite fur baby. This unconditional love, even though you have been gone for weeks or months at a time, will be waiting for you at the door when you arrive, and beg for you to rub their belly.

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