Although every zodiac sign is unique and awesome in their own way, no sign compares to that of Cancer. Cancer's are symbolized by the crab who has a hard shell on the outside symbolizing their will to protect others, and a soft inside for the kind heart they possess. Cancer's are very unique because they embody many different character traits that other signs don't. They are best known for their caring personalities, which make them the best friends. The traits of a Cancer are powerful and can be matched by no other, making Cancer indisputably the best zodiac.

1. Strong protective desires

Similar to the crab, cancer's have strong protective desires that motivate their caring nature.

2. Passion

Cancer zodiacs pursue life with enthusiasm and passion. Their self motivated attitudes make them one of the most ambitious signs.

3. Good listeners

A cancer is known for caring for others physically, but they are also very good listeners. Sometimes a friend just needs someone to listen to them, and cancers are always there for that.

4. They're intuitive

Cancer's are so intuitive that they make the right decisions at the right time, which is a unique and powerful skill to possess. They also use their intuition to effectively read other people.

5. Honesty

Even when the truth might be hard to hear, you can always count on a Cancer to tell you the full truth.

6. Open to new perspectives

Open mindedness is an important and powerful quality for anyone to posses, especially in such polarizing times. It is important that Cancer's have the ability to give thoughtful consideration to positions other than their own.