I'm still not sure why this is debatable. Why should any one person ruin another's happiness?

1. Everyone deserves to spend their life with their loved one.

Again. How is this debatable? Love is a wonderful, life-changing experience. To deny someone of this is plain cruel.

2. Everyone deserves a family.

So what if a child has 2 dads, 3 moms, or 5 of each? If that child is loved, that child has a happy life.

3. God loves everyone.

As a Catholic, this is not the lesson that was taught in my Sunday school. But as a person, I choose to believe that God truly loves every single person on this planet.

4. If you are unhappy in your body, you deserve to be able to change it.

If someone truly feels that they were born to be somebody else, they should have the freedom to change that. How would it feel to live in a shell that doesn't feel like your own?

5. You should be able to choose your sexuality.

I actually have heard some homosexuals shaming bisexuals because 'they can't decide'. Or. It's possible they are into both genders. Not just one.

6. Or be able to decide your lack-of.

A pure emotional attachment is a beautiful experience. People who see what's on the inside before the outside deserve to be praised.

7. I refuse to debate the topic of human rights.

They're called human rights for a reason. If someone is human (in case we are unclear, the gay community IS human), these rights are given to them, no questions asked.