7 Reasons Jessie James-Decker Is My Role Model
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7 Reasons Jessie James-Decker Is My Role Model

She is perfect.

7 Reasons Jessie James-Decker Is My Role Model

With celebrities being so famous and all the rage in today's society, it is sometimes easy to forget that they are also just normal people who are well known. There are some celebrities who are make younger girls self conscious about being average people, but that is not the case for singer Jessie James-Decker. The famous football wife has taught me many lessons while being in the spotlight.

1. She's walking proof hard work pays off

Jessie James-Decker came from nothing. She was a part of a poor military family who got through life focusing on family values and sticking together. Her Mama always believed in her and her singing abilities and encouraged her to keep singing even after getting turned away by a few record labels, at first. She just kept singing and showing producers why she deserved a contract and eventually got one. Hard work does pay off.

2. It is possible to have the perfect family

I can't not scroll through Instagram and not like one of her family pics. She has a super hot, successful husband, two beautiful children, and also has a strong relationship with her parents and siblings. Perfect is a bit of an abstract term, but if you ask me it does not get much better than that. Not to mention the fact that it is so evident how much she and Mr. Eric Decker love each other.

3. She created her own clothing line, on top of already singing

Why be good when you can be great? It was a dream of hers that she had to create awesome clothes and she made sure it happened. They are quality items too and all super cute. She also now has hair perfume being sold at Target which is doing really well, and a makeup collaboration with Alexa Persico Cosmetics.

4. She is a great wife

Even with being a mom, singer, songwriter, cosmetic designer, and clothing designer, she still finds time to make sure her husband knows he is loved. She has moved from her home twice to be with him, first to Denver and then to New Jersey when he got signed with the Jets. Whether she is cooking him dinner, hanging out as a family with the kids, or going on date night, she makes sure he knows how much she appreciates him. She is the kind of wife I someday hope to be.

5. She is funny as heck

Nine times out of ten I crack up watching her Snapchat stories. She has shown me to lighten up and not to take life so seriously. She likes to embarrass herself on purpose too, which is also great to watch. Seriously, do you know many other people who would purposely post pictures of themselves like this? I don't.

6. She is never afraid to be herself

Jessie has shown me it is okay to be who you are and not to change for anyone. She has opened up about stories of mean girls that she dealt with through high school and how she dealt with them. None of the ways include changing to conform to societies expectations. I am not sure of many other people who would take a picture with a urinal just for laughs but she did.

7. She is a role model for girls everywhere

There are so many more reasons than just the ones listed above as to why this mom/football wife is the bomb.com. Whether it is her family, her clothes, style, or great hair, there are ways for every girl to idolize her. I mean come on, just look at who she is married to! That's living proof she is great.

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