I love my friends—I mean they’re my friends—but when it comes to making decisions, we are all a little lackluster. Deciding to do anything is a struggle. It has come to the point where I use a random generator to make a decision because I get better results than when I ask my group chat. Here are 7 reasons why having those wonderful friends is a constant struggle.

1) Hunger turns to ~hanger~ by the time you decide where to eat.

If you want to go out to dinner or grab a quick lunch, you should probably decide a few hours before you think you’ll be hungry. Otherwise, you might as well go to the closest food joint or to a place you know what you’ll order to save yourself that struggle too.

2) No one can help you decide what to wear.

“Should I wear something cute?”

“Would it be better to wear black jeans or just a pair of leggings?”

“If I put my hair like this would it be better, or should I just leave it down?”

It takes a long time to get ready. It takes even longer when you’re waiting for your friend to reply or send pictures of what they’re wearing. It’s best just to tailor what I’m doing to what I’m already wearing, otherwise I need a few hours heads up to think through every shirt I have in my closet and figure out what is best.

3) Sometimes you guys just give up.

Sometimes the place you decide to eat closes by the time you make that decision, or you couldn't figure out that outfit. So every now and then when the indecision doesn’t result in anything concrete, the plans just seem to dissipate and you end up sitting there in your pajamas, wondering why you didn’t decide to do anything.

4) You look like a bad driver.

Not knowing where to go often leads to last minute driving decisions. Though the reasoning inside the car may be totally sound, all everyone else sees is that quick speed up and lane change without a blinker. People may even catch you driving in circles to add some time to make a decision.

5) Waiter, waitresses, and people in general get annoyed with you.

When you spend an exorbitant amount of time staring at a menu, or debating between your friends who should get what so you can try everything instead of deciding on one, people tend to get annoyed. It happens when we can't decide to enter a door or wait in the parking lot, and it happens when we pester the waiter or waitress with questions about what's good since we can't decide for ourselves.

6) You are always waiting for someone else to make a comment first.

Is the food good? Do they actually look cute? Why be the first one to decide when you can piggyback off someone else's opinion. It's a game of chicken, and if you can outlast everyone else, you can escape another decision.

7) When someone makes a decision, it’s a rarity, and means something big.

If you come out of the gate with a set state of mind or a decision already made, you really mean business. It is out of character, and while it is a pleasant suprise, you know your friend means business, and you should go with the flow. Maybe it also means you know what you’re wearing and won’t have to drive around in circles.