7 Reasons Why Hermione Granger Is The Ultimate Female Role Model

7 Reasons Why Hermione Granger Is The Ultimate Female Role Model

She's much cooler than Harry, anyway.

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Since it’s Harry Potter’s birthday, there couldn’t be a better time to give a shoutout to the franchise’s best character: Hermione Granger. Hermione is a unique and special character that no other movie or book series has ever come close to. Hermione has taught us many life lessons and is arguably one of the best role models a little girl can have.

1. Hermione is loyal to her friends.

But with this being said, she stands up to them. She is the smartest character in this series and she knows it! Hermione has spent many hours doing research and helping her friends out with their endeavors. She won’t let Harry and Ron get away with being stupid just because they are the leading male characters.

2. She has morals and ethics.

After seeing the treatment of the house elves, Hermione started up her own club to be their advocates. Even though her opinion is an unpopular one in the Wizarding World, it didn’t stop her from standing up for what she believes in.

3. She defies stereotypical female gender roles.

Being the only female main character, it is natural that she does adhere to some gender roles, but not ones that are degrading to women. Hermione is the nerd, she loves arithmancy and hates divination (which was the stereotypic female subject), and she fights along side the rest of the boys.

4. She’s the most successful.

Throughout the novels, it’s no question who is the best in school. But even after the events of the seventh novel, Hermione goes back to school and finishes with Ginny’s class. According the The Cursed Child, Hermione becomes the Minister of Magic later in her life. If that’s not success, I don’t know what is.

5. She doesn’t let being muggle-born stop her.

Hermione was born of two muggle-born dentists. But that doesn’t stop her from being first in her year. Instead, it makes her more determined to be successful in school and as a witch. Hermione didn’t let her background define her or determine her place in the Wizarding World.

6. She doesn’t end up with Harry Potter.

I know lots of people who really ‘shipped Harry and Hermione, but the fact that they didn’t end up together simply solidified Hermione’s independence and her ability to be her own person apart from Harry Potter.

7. She grows up.

Watch the first movie, then the last. In the first movie, Hermione can be a little annoying and know-it-all. But by the end of the franchise, she blossoms into a mature, smart, and wise woman. Hermione is someone that all girls should strive to be like.

Happy Birthday Harry! Good thing you have an amazing friend like Hermione!

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