7 Places In New Jersey You Need To Visit
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7 Places In New Jersey You Need To Visit

No it's not Seaside

7 Places In New Jersey You Need To Visit

New Jersey often gets a bad rep about, well being New Jersey. But what a lot of people don't know, is that there area plenty of fun and beautiful spots to visit. Ones that are particularly aren't touristy either.

1. Sea Girt

Some of the best shore destinations in New Jersey often get overshadowed by some other more common and touristy areas, like Seaside (Which if you ask me and some New Jersey residents, definitely isn't all that great). Lying just about 25 minutes south of Asbury Park, Sea Girt has a unique history and charm with it's friendly seaside community of beautiful homes, beaches, and small but charming town with plenty of stores and restaurants for all your summer cravings.

2. Sourland Mountain Preserve

If you think New Jersey doesn't have any mountains or beautiful hiking trails, then you're absolutely wrong. One of the best spots in New Jersey if you're an avid hiker or looking to get into it, look no further than the Sourland Mountains. Stretching 17 miles from the Delaware River at Lambertville to the western end of Hillsborough, this long ridge in central New Jersey offers plenty of hiking trails and beautiful scenery for all types of people.

3. Princeton University campus

If you've ever wondered what Hogwarts would look like in real life, it's Princeton's campus. Filled with buildings that are really old, made out of brick and stone, and beautiful court yards, one might think they've been plopped right in the middle of school for witchcraft and wizardry.

4. Lambertville

You can count Lambertville in on that list of charming small towns you should visit. Dubbed as the "Antiques Capital of New Jersey," it is a haven for craftsmen, artists, and eclectic tastes. Visitors can also enjoy a view of Delaware River from a restaurant or walk over the bridge.

5. Bunker at Cape May Point

For the history buffs, a World War II massive bunker still sits out on the beach at Cape May. The concrete building, complete with walls that measure seven feet thick, was constructed on top of thick wooden pilings that had yet to give out, even if the rest of the structure is in less-than-ideal shape.

6. Barnegat, Long Beach Island

The most northern part of LBI, Barnegat is a picturesque and quiet part of more busy summer vacation spot. One land mark you can't and shouldn't miss, is the Barnegat lighthouse. It's actually a state park and visitors can enjoy a view of the ocean just climbing up 217 steps. It can be your exercise for the day.

7. Allaire State Park

Allaire State Park is just over 3000 acres in size located in Howell Township. The park includes picnic areas and and hiking trails, as well as one of the premier living history museums in New Jersey.

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