Volunteering is such a truly beautiful thing. It changes the lives of many by making a positive impact. I can say this with confidence because I have experienced this first hand. When you are a volunteer, you do it because you really want to. You do it because it makes you happy or because you know it will make somebody else's day. If you do volunteer for the money, then you are certainly in the wrong place because volunteers do not get paid in monetary forms. They do, however, get paid in gratitude.

I, personally, am always going to make time to volunteer because it has done so much good for me, health-wise! Here are some of the many benefits to volunteering:

1. People are way more pleasant.

There seem to be nicer people at nonprofits versus big corporations.

2. The guilt-free happiness you receive is incomparable.

It may not pay the bills, but I'll take getting paid in laughter, memories and everlasting bonds for now.

3. There are so many positive vibes.

Everyone just gets along.

4. The laughter and smiles are contagious.

Smiling is a natural facelift.

5. Everyone is included.

No one is forgotten.

6. People are way more appreciative of one another.

You might be thinking, "Well, duh. If you volunteer you are working for free. Of course, they're going to acknowledge you for the work you do because that's all they can do." That might be the case but it is still nice to feel wanted.

7. The great support system.

Everyone is encouraging, understanding and lovely to be around.