7 Perfect Gifts Your College Grad Wants (And Needs)
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7 Perfect Gifts Your College Grad Wants (And Needs)

Hello, real world.

7 Perfect Gifts Your College Grad Wants (And Needs)

The end of spring semester means summer for most of us, but it means a lot more for seniors. For them, these are their last days of college, and the real world is waiting. Here are some gifts to give your favorite grads that they will actually want (and need).

1. An Everyday Necklace

A simple, elegant everyday necklace is an essential for the classy, professional lady, and it can be easily personalized for that person on your mind. Whether it's a simple diamond, Greek letters, or the grad's initials, a necklace is the perfect way for that grad to keep you in her thoughts as she pursues her destiny in the real world. (Kate Spade Initial Pendant Necklace, $58.)

2. Business Clothes

Most graduates are going to need some business attire for their new jobs, and a blazer or pair of heels makes the perfect graduation gift. If you aren't sure what exactly she likes, a gift card to her favorite store is also thoughtful and helpful in her coming business journies. (Ann Taylor All-Season Stretch Two Button Jacket, $169.)

3. A T-Shirt Quilt

Graduates most likely won't get much wear out of their college tees after graduation, so a t-shirt quilt is a cute, nostalgic gift that really shows how much you care and cherish the memories made with that person. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you construct the perfect quilt.

4. A Planner

Being in the real world means being real busy. There's no doubt every grad will need a planner to keep the days ahead organized. A small gift like this goes a long way when relieving some stress from the transition into reality. (Lilly Pulitzer Spiral Planner, $25.)

5. Luggage

Graduating for some may also mean relocating. If you know your grad is going to be on-the-go, a cute, stylish piece of luggage is the perfect gift. Not only will she love the thought you put into it, but it is practical as well! (Astyll 22 Inch Rolling Spinner Carry-On, $125.)

6. Home Décor

One of the exciting parts of moving on from college is getting a new place you can call your own. Adorable home items such as pillows, artworks, or kitchen supplies are the perfect gifts to give someone who is eager to decorate her new place. Also, it adds a little bit of you to her future place so you will always be in her heart. (Francesca's Pineapple French Knot Pillow, $24.)

7. Coffee Mugs/Maker

Unfortunately, the excessive coffee consumption doesn't end after college. Personalized coffee mugs or coffee makers make a great gift for a caffeine-loving grad. After all, we all need it. (Urban Outfitters Bodum Copper French Press, $50.)

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