7 Must-See Movies (Spring/Summer 2017)
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7 Must-See Movies (Spring/Summer 2017)

2017 is looking like a good year so far for movie releases. Grab a popcorn and a front row seat to these upcoming flicks while they're on the big screen!

7 Must-See Movies (Spring/Summer 2017)

2017 is looking like a good year so far for movie releases. Grab a popcorn and a front row seat to these upcoming flicks while they're on the big screen!

1. Get Out (Feb 24): I know this one has already been out on the theaters, but you should totally make time to see it on the big screen before it leaves the theaters. I can personally attest its greatness (if you’re into a suspenseful, pressure-cooker kind of movie). This movie not only keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire two hours, but it is a movie that really makes you think about the deeper messages and themes that are used in the film, like the presence of racism and privilege in today’s society. Even though I saw this movie a week ago, I still find myself thinking about the plot and ending.

2. Beauty and the Beast (March 17): If you like Disney and Emma Watson (who doesn’t though?), this is a definite must-see. The real-live action version of this classic princess tale apparently has more backstory on the characters, which helps put a new spin on the film. This movie could potentially work for both the romance lovers and the drama lovers out there, because with live action comes more dramatic and nail biting fighting scenes. This could also be the perfect family flick, since its mild PG rating and appeal to a wide range of age groups.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2 (May 5): Here’s to all my fellow sci-fi fans out there. The first Guardians of the Galaxy didn’t disappoint, so let’s hope this one proves just as good. All your favorite characters are back, including Peter Quill, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket. It has the potential to be a great sequel, because they are going back to unexplored topics of the first film (i.e. Peter’s parentage). With the intense action packed plot and the comic relief of the familiar characters, this movie is bound to delight both thrill seekers and comedy-lovers.

4. Snatched (May 12): This raunchy comedy looks like it could be a good laugh, starring comedian and actress Amy Schumer and the well known Goldie Hawn. The movie is about Amy Schumer persuading her on screen mother (Hawn) to go on an exotic vacation after her boyfriend dumps her. Plot twist: they get kidnapped, which has the potential to be a hilarious adventure. And when people get abducted in a comedy flick like this one, you know it can’t be a complete waste trainwreck. The pun may have been overkill, but still you should go see this.

5. Baywatch (May 26): Three words: Zac. Efron. Shirtless. What’s better than that? Anyway, for those of you who watched the original Baywatch series, it might be nice to go see new life brought into the ‘90s television show. Nothing screams summer more than some hot lifeguards doing whatever they do on the beach. If you go for no other reason, go for Zac because it might be a while before you’ll lay eyes on a better pair of abs in theaters.

6. Wonder Woman (June 2): Look: a superhero movie, with the lead as a woman! This alone could be enough to go see the film, because it is so refreshing to see a female in such a position of authority and significance (not just as a sidekick or as a romantic interest). You can’t go wrong with the classic superhero action movie for a break from the summer heat.

7. War for the Planet of the Apes (July 14): I, for one, am I huge Planet of the Apes fan. In the third installment of this thrilling blockbuster franchise, the leader of the apes (Caesar) fights his instincts for power and control as they go into battle against the rest of humanity. In the movie, the fate of humanity and the apes will finally be decided. Who will win? What will happen to the apes? You will never know the answers to these long-time questions...unless you go to the movie.

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