7 Men's Products Perfect For Women

7 Men's Products Perfect For Women

Why do we always receive the short end of the gendered marketing stick?

Hey girls! Are you annoyed by your incredibly small pants pockets? Or maybe your pink BIC razors just aren't doing the job for you? Maybe your Degree for women deodorant isn't as last longing as promised, but whatever the case may be, you've fallen into the trap known as gendered marketing. We've all seen the ridiculous and unnecessary emasculation of products, and this goes for women's products too. However, supposedly understandable gendered goods like clothing leave women wondering why the jeans in the woman's department of any given retail store provide either very small pockets or none at all. It's time to break out of the binary, so here are just a few items from the men's aisle that perform better than its female counterpart, not to mention the surprising amount of money you'll be saving.

1. Flannel shirts

Can't find a flannel shirt in your size? Try the men's section, as their broad shouldered flannels may fit more comfortably with your body type. There is also a guarantee that the men's flannel will be thicker and more practical than the thin and sometimes sheer women's shirts. Most of the flannel shirts I own at this point have come the men's clothing section at Walmart, and I have yet to be disappointed. How can I when I bought them for only $10 each?

2. Jeans

I see your game, fashion industry. Give the women's jeans small pockets so we have to buy handbags, is that it? Create the problem so you can fix it as well, right? Well I found a loophole; I'll just buy boy's jeans instead. They fit way less tight and have pockets that can comfortably fit my phone. It's a whole new world.

3. Deodorant

Besides the price disparities, men's deodorant also contains more per stick since men's pits usually have a larger surface area. Additionally, the musky scented men's deodorant and my sweat makes for a more bearable combination than the flowery or fruity female scents with B.O.

4. Shaving Cream

Man, how is it that we get scammed out of money with shaving products? The cheapest shave lotion for women (that isn't travel size) at Target currently is around $2.35, while for men it's $1.87, not to mention the more unscented men's shaving cream helps calm those sensitive and irritable female legs.

5. Duffle Bags

Now this one came as a surprise to me too, but the fact is the most durable duffle bags aren't always in the women's section, accessory section or camping aisle. They're hidden on those shelves or tables near the men's section. They're compact, typically more minimalistic with less pockets, durable, and their rugged vibes means you don't have to feel bad dirtying it.

6. Moisturizers (depending)

I say depending because men's moisturizers help the oiler skin men have due to testosterone. if you're a woman with oily skin, check out the men's moisturizers first. If you have sensitive skin, consider men's moisturizers too as they are less fragrant than women's, which could irritate the skin. Basically, do some research on what kind of skin type you have, and stroll both the men's and women's hygiene departments next time you shop.

7. Razors

Perhaps one of the most infamous gendered products, next to jeans, is razors. You've read about how the pink razors cost more than the blue ones despite containing the same number of blades per razor and the same number of razors per package. However, different razors for different genders is a bit understandable. The handles on female razors supply a more comfortably grip, which is important considering the yoga-esque poses we have to make when trying to reach the hairs on our legs. They also have rounder heads which makes guiding the razor more comfortable (apparently). If you have thicker and more stubborn hairs on your body, opt for the male razors. Their blades are closer together to help slice that pesky facial hair. Depending on how much you care about a grip on your razor, going with the men's blades will save you a bit of pocket change.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

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Buying Bathing Suits Online Is The Worst

Online Shopping isn't for everyone, sadly.


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One issue that seems to follow me whenever I decide to online shop is picking the right size and PRAYING it'll fit me. Online shopping doesn't give you the liberty of trying on different sizes until you find the right match; instead, it's a guessing game full of anxiety and ultimately regret if it doesn't fit.

I know the feeling of regret way too often, for I'm a very tiny girl who just so happens to have a very large bust, making it extremely hard to pick what size would be most flattering and appropriate. It gets really frustrating when I can't buy some of the things I want due to my body, and gets even more frustrating when I can't buy cheap and cute bathing suits like most girls my age.

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I know they're just bathing suits, but this issue represents the struggles I have endured my entire life trying to find clothes that flatter my body; I'm constantly wishing I had an easier body-type to dress, not only for comfort but for convenience. It seems small, but I want to be able to buy a cute bathing suit online like all of my friends. However, I won't be granted this luxury until these bathing suit companies realize their sizing is exclusive and unjust.

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