7 Lit Local Bands [Revisited]

Get out there and LIVE.



Bill Brill

Are you down for the kuaz? You'll never know unless you go check 'em out. Over the past four years I've seen these guys more than a dozen times and for good measure; they bring the funk every. single. time. Based in Brooklyn, Turkuaz is a nine-piece groove machine equipped with a horn section, keys, and a duo of dynamic female vocalists set to stun. Synchronized dance moves, color coordinated outfits, and an incredibly tight sound; these guys seriously know how to put on a show.

BIG Something


Bill Brill

"It's called an EWI." I saw these guys a few years back at a music festival in Greenfield, MA, and once more at Brighton Music Hall last year. They mix a ton of genres with a modern polish for this electric, almost inexplicable, sound. There's this one instrument that sets them apart from other jam bands, delivering a unique sound that'll infiltrate your brainwaves like a kamikaze magic mushroom. It's an EWI, or an Electric Wind Instrument, and that shit will rock your world.

Kung Fu


Bill Brill

Kung Fu is a super-band formed by members of other popular New England jam bands. The band, described as "lethal funk," renders the name self-explanatory. Be sure to polish off your boogie shoes before you catch these guys.



Bill Brill

Modern electro-funk vibes behind meaningful, powerful, and beautifully blended hip hop. "Freedom's not a place, it's a state of mind. It goes way beyond, way beyond space and time."

Pink Talking Fish


Bill Brill

A fusion of Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, and Phish- the dudes in Pink Talking Fish definitely know how to get a party started. We saw them the beginning of 2018, New Year's Eve, at their Big Ball Jam event in Worcester. They went on around 11:15 and jammed so hard for 45 minutes straight that we didn't even realize the ball was dropping until we heard "3! 2! 1!"



Bill Brill

Like the rest of the bands on this list, (this is a recurring theme if you haven't noticed by now), Lettuce brings that funky stuff in a big way. Most of the band attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, which is clearly demonstrated by the talent level of each performer, the tightness of the band, and the quality of the music. Check 'em out!



Bill Brill

As per their Facebook bio, The Motet is a "Funk-flippin', booty dippin', dance party delivery squad." I'm not sure there's a better string of words in the English language to describe them with. Last year they were on tour with Lettuce, (the dudes I just mentioned), and that, my friends, is just the best possible form of insanity there is. These guys actually hail from Colorado (and on that note, BIG Something is actually a NC based band), so they're technically not local in terms of MY area, but they're still a lit local band, and definitely deserve a listen.

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