7 Life Lessons And Blessings With Growing Up With Divorced Parents

7 Life Lessons And Blessings With Growing Up With Divorced Parents

A bad ending can lead to great beginnings, count your blessings and carry the lessons learned wherever you go.

Lindsey Kate Hall

Sometimes some of our worst experiences can bring us the greatest life lessons. Having divorced parents may be one of the toughest things a kid or any person has to go through, from the heartbreaks to the emotional breakdowns, The awful bags you have to pack every week.. and the double birthday`s and Christmases (they sound better than what they really are). You don`t realize what it`s doing to you at the time. Life has its unique ways of teaching you lessons.

1. Love isn`t always forever.

You watched your parent`s love fall apart in front of you. A marriage is a vow they made to be with each other for the rest of their life's, for better, for worse, to love and cherish.. to never let go. Sometimes that love just fades away. We had the first hand of slowly watching them disobey their vows and break their promises to each other, and do the things they said they would never do. We felt and saw the love ending. What we thought would be forever, ended sooner than we thought. They didn`t make it like they said they would but it`s okay.

2. You`re cautious of the people you are romantically involved with.

You have seen how love can fall apart and you`re scared of that happening to you. Like when someone tells you that they love you, you have that little voice in your head asking "do they really mean it?" "are they going to stay?". You built a wall around yourself so no one can hurt you the way your parents hurt each other. The wall is a blessing and a curse. The wall can make sure the wrong people don`t enter your life, but it could also send away the right people.

3. You cherish family values more.

The family dinners you used to always try and get out of, the family vacations you used to dread, and the holiday gatherings spent on your phone. They all mean so much to you now. Your family used to always be a thing you had, you feel like you took it for granted, when it suddenly got torn apart. Now you`d hate to miss a family dinner, and you wish you never dreaded those family vacations.

"Don`t take for granted the love this life gives you."- Tim McGraw

4. When you fall in love and start a family you know what not to do.

You saw the way your parents treated each other and how they sometimes treated you. They started to care less about their marriage and how they treated each other. You don`t ever want someone just to give up on your relationship or treat you and the vow you each made like it`s nothing. You won`t let someone emotionally abuse you repeatedly, You know you deserve better than that. The family you start will be built on love, loyalty, and strength. Not lying or cheating.

5. Love means more.

When you tell someone you love them you mean it. You don`t want that love your parents had. The word love is often not used in the right context. People will tell you they love you but be the ones hurting you. Love to me is to be willing to do anything for someone, to never hurt them. I think when you finally put someone else before your own self, that`s when you genuinely love someone. To endlessly care for someone and to be there for each other through thick and thin. So don`t tell someone you love them when you really don`t mean it. Misusing the word love can hurt people in unimaginable ways.

6. You learn how to care for people.

You witnessed your parents breakdowns. You watched them shed millions of tears and you were there to dry them. You comforted them when they needed it most because you saw their pain and knew they were in desperate need of your love and comfort, someone to tell them everything was going to be okay again, that this was just a storm and it`s going to pass. You were there for them trough their worst times, so you know how to be there for someone else during theirs.

7. New people entering yours and your parent`s life.

Last but definitely not least. When your parent(s) go back into the dating world with hopes of meeting their forever love. When they meet this person you`ll start to see a change in your parent, a good change. They`ll create a spark in them that you haven`t seen in awhile. They`ll laugh a little louder and a whole lot more, their smile will become bigger and brighter, and for once it will be a genuine smile and not the fake ones you used to always see. They`ll begin to be content with life and they`ll being to live with ease. This person is not also there for your parent but also there for you. They choose to be a part of your life, to support and love you. When you meet this person you`ll realize they were the missing piece all this. They make your family whole again.

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