Seven Irritating People You Will Meet At The Library

From midterms to finals to just plain ol' studying, the library has always been the place that you accomplish your best work. Somehow, the stacks of encyclopedias and army of typing students helps you to persevere through lackluster papers on Shakespeare's "Othello" and painstaking cumulative Biology exams. As much as we would all like to get our work done as quickly and efficiently as possible, distractions come in all forms, including the people surrounding you. Here are 7 of the most irritating people you will meet at the library:

(Warning: this article may make you irrationally angry.)

1. The Snacker

After ten minutes of frantic searching, you finally land yourself a seat. You whip out your laptop, spread out your notes, and begin brainstorming for the ten page paper you've been putting off. As you gather your thoughts, you hear the distinct crinkling noise a chip bag makes when pulled apart.

You refuse to let it distract you now. Come on-- Think!

Just as you begin to shake your leg and tap your pen in distress, you hear crunching. Repulsive, lip-smacking, unbearable crunching.




It is maddening.

2. The All-Nighter

These individuals are easy to spot. Common characteristics include: bags under the eyes, sweatpants, empty cans of energy drinks sprawled out around them, and coffee-- lots of coffee.

3. The Netflix and... Study?

While some of us are five pages deep into our papers, "The Netflixers" are five seasons deep into "Breaking Bad". While they are working on their bachelor's degree in Netflix, those of us who actually want to study are inconvenienced by the seats they occupy.

4. The Coughers

Need I explain any further? Surely, there have been times when you yourself were "The Cougher". You were feeling a bit under the weather but you went to study anyway. Surely enough, despite the bag of cough drops you consumed and the honey tea in your travel mug, you still can't stifle the itchy feeling in your throat (as much as you may try to "hold in in")

5. The Bros

Common characteristics include: gallon water jugs, snapbacks, and muscle tanks. They may be teammates, fraternity brothers, just your average cocky adolescent boys, or a combination of the three.

6. The Loud Typers

Pro tip: typing loudly will not get you extra credit.

7. The Talkers

"The Talkers" generally sit at the large study tables. They are usually a group of friends that go to the library with intentions of having a productive, quiet study-session, but it never quite ends up that way. Ten minutes in and "The Talkers" have already given up on studying and have moved onto showing their friends the funny video they saw on Facebook and the text exchange they had with that guy from the party last night. Plus, they're being so loud that we know every last detail about "Neil from Pi Kapp".

Happy studying, everyone!

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