7 Reasons To Watch Incredibles 2
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7 Reasons 'Incredibles 2' is the movie of the summer

It is a great movie because it is character driven.

Disney Pixar

After waiting 14 years, the Disney animated superhero sequel "Incredibles 2" doesn't disappoint. It surprises and delights with its exciting plot, humor, and lovable characters.

While the movie features several new, interesting characters like Evelyn, Winston, Tony, and Voyd, the heart of it contains the original characters. As a sequel, most viewers will be familiar with the background story but Incredibles 2 does what every great movie strives to do. It shows the characters growing.

Throughout the movie, the prominent heroes are complex and have their own flaws and quirks, but they rise to work together and show family support and love. It is a Disney movie after all. "Incredibles 2" is a great movie because it's character driven. Here are seven characters and seven reasons why you should see the movie. Catch it before it leaves the theaters!

1. Determination in Helen, or Elastigirl

As the new face as a superhero advocate, we see Helen's hesitance to be away from her family and breaking the law. But even better is that we see her determination to complete her mission and save the day. She struggles with balancing both parts of her civilian and hero life, and the clash of the two makes it intriguing to watch.

She earns back the respect of the public to build a better future for all supers like her children while basking in the spotlight she never fully had. It is, dare I say, empowering to see her interaction with gender dynamics.

2. Family values in Bob, or Mr. Incredible

Bob goes through his own struggle during the movie. Because he is used to being in the spotlight, it is difficult for him at first to stay at home and support his wife as she seemingly solves the visibility problems superheroes had instantly. But, it's hilarious and heartwarming to watch him find ways to be as as incredible dad as he is hero to each child.

3. Resilience in Violet

As a teenager, Violet is disgruntled and rightfully so. Without giving too much away, her teenage boy troubles are hopeless and cringeworthy until she takes it upon herself to take action to solve the problem. As the oldest child, she also challenges her default role as Jack Jack's babysitter.

It is enjoyable to see her character growth as she accepts her responsibilities and changes her attitude in her role as a superhero along with her resilience and her actions of her love life.

4. Eagerness in Dash

Dash plays the role of confident and "annoying" (amusing) little brother well. His character adds spunk to the movie because of his eagerness to fight the bad guys. His activities are reckless and often solve problems as he is eager to do good as a superhero.

5. Humor in Jack Jack

This movie is incredibly funny, and Jack Jack is the source for most of it. The variety of situations he gets into is humorous, and you can't help but admire that baby's grit and inclination for superhero work too.

6. Support in Lucius, or Frozone

While Lucius' iconic scene makes a resurgence, he also has a large role as supportive family friend. It is wholesome to see his true inclination to help the family and the easygoing friendship the adults have among themselves.

7. Eccentric soft side in Edna Mode

The lovable costume designer becomes Jack Jack's honorary aunt after watching him for a night to observe his powers and make him a superhero suit. This scene is sweet because it shows her loyalty to the Parr family and brilliance at rising to the challenge of fitting Jack Jack's variety of powers.

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