7 Inauguration Memes To Ease The Pain

We’ve had a tumultuous past week or so since Trump’s inauguration, but this has definitely been the most digitally-active election, and this includes hilarious memes. From the “Thanks, Obama” to the Joe Biden troublemaker photos, it seems every week there was something new, and the week of the actual inauguration was no exception. It may have actually made the best ones.

1. WWBerniE

I haven’t watched WWE since The Rock was on it, but I’d cancel plans to tune in to this.

2. Michelle Obama's (First Day Off)

Michelle will not only go down as one of America’s most elegant First Ladies, she'll also reign as the shadiest.

3. If Hillary Was In "Fast and Furious"

I imagine she would’ve started a car chase more intense than OJ’s. (Read: I wish she would’ve started a car chase more intense than OJ’s.)

4. I Ship It (Across the Pacific)

I want Elijah Daniel to make a sequel to “The Billionaire and The Bellboy” featuring Putin instead of the Bellboy. It’d be a best-seller just from my purchases.

5. Joe-Schmo

Another reason why Joe Biden is my favorite person on the planet. The first is our mutual love of vanilla ice cream.

6. Someone Help Him (Please)

Our last Republican president, everyone. I’m not sure he can blame this on old age. Please, someone, teach this man how to use a poncho.

7. Sh!t Got Real

These memes are the only thing keeping me alive.Someone hold my hand.

For the next four years.

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