7 Goals For College Students This Year
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7 Goals For College Students This Year

7. Take risks, take opportunities.

7 Goals For College Students This Year

The upcoming school year is approaching many of us while for some, it has already begun. A new school year means a fresh start for whatever goals you may have whether financial, personal, or academic. To ensure you get the most out of your school year and college in general, here are 7 goals that all college students should make this academic year.

1. Join a new club/organization.

While binge-watching Netflix is fun, so is meeting other people who align with your interests. Joining campus clubs or organizations is a great way to meet fellow peers who share some of the same views or passions that you do. Not to mention, not doing this means you would miss out on so many friendships had you not joined. Each college big or small has at least some variety of clubs/organizations. There's something out there for everyone.

2. Take on a leadership position.

This can apply to so many aspects of not only college but life in general. Practicing leadership skills in college can help prepare for life afterward. Whether you stick with that leadership position is up to you, but even just having the experience is beneficial in seeing your strengths, weaknesses, and helping you learn how you can improve. Ways you can take on a leadership position might be in your campus club/organization, service site/volunteer work, job, and more.

3. Try to raise your GPA.

While GPA is not the most important thing in life, it still should be taken seriously. Take this school year as a fresh start to update your study habits (or start one) and try to hone in on your school work. Higher GPAs may mean the difference of picking your dorm before someone with a lower GPA. In addition, other perks such as scholarships or certain opportunities such as study abroad.

4. Work out more.

Whether you're pumped or not, working out more will never hurt any of us. It's a great stress reliever and is certainly not a bad thing, especially after eating out or eating at the dining hall. Not to mention a healthier body, is a healthier mind. It's all connected, literally.

5. Save money.

One thing that will never hurt any college student is saving more money. It doesn't matter how much you save, whether it's $1 or $100. It's still a necessary skill to develop while in college. Whether that means making Starbucks a special occasion, going out to eat less, or buying used textbooks saving money is something you will thank yourself for later. In the end, it might mean the difference of whether you can afford that new car you've been wanting, a study abroad trip, or as simple as that pair of jeans you've been wanting.

6. Learn a new skill.

Whether it's how to pack more efficiently for your dorm this year or something else, learning a new skill should be a goal for every college student this year. While adulting is not fun, it's necessary. Learning how to write a cover letter or make a killer resume can help prepare you for success in the outside world.

7. Take risks, take opportunities.

College is the time to take risks and to take opportunities that are offered to you. You never know what life-changing experiences may be in front of you. I did this summer and had the fortunate opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and teach ESL all thanks to my college. Without taking this chance, I would have never been able to visit another country and teach my favorite subject. In addition, meet people who have had a lasting impact on my life.

Whether or not you follow these goals, create your own. Make the most of your time in college and develop your full potential. You never know what you can do till you try.

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