7 Truths About Having Parent Best Friends

As an only child, I have a unique relationship with my parents. Through the years, however, I've discovered that our relationship is more and more like friends as opposed to authority figures. Here's some truths about being best friends with your parents.

1. You curse in front of them

Dropping casual curse words in conversation is nothing when your parents are your best friends. Once I moved to college, all censorship was off the table. Now we curse constantly! It freaks my friends out.

2. No topic is off the table

Sex, drugs, depression, and gossip; you name it, we cover it. By keeping such an open dialogue, I end up never hiding things from my parents. It keeps me from making bad decisions, and keeps them in the loop.

3. You've helped them through their worst times

Just because they're older than you doesn't mean your parents can't get sad or need support. My mom and I are each other's confidants and support systems. I understand she's human, and that sometimes she needs a shoulder to cry on.

4. You have the same interests

My parents and I geek out over every little thing constantly. My dad and I will rock out to Rush while my mom and I watch Star Trek and Firefly together. We sit around discussing theories and go to concerts together.

5. You invite them everywhere

I often ask my friends if my mom can come with us to the movies. It's not even a "I don't want to drive" or "I don't want to pay". I just want to hang out with her.

6. You use excuses to hang

"Do you wanna go out tonight?" "Ah sorry I can't! My mom said no"

Hi, if you ever get this, it's a lie, and I want to actually just hang out at home with my mom and dad. Sorry not sorry.

7. You call each other out

My mom frequently checks me when I'm behaving particularly terribly. I even call her up to check me on purpose. However, I also check in on my mom because we're all prone to interesting decisions.

8. They still have authority

People often confuse "friends parents" with "absent parents". Even at 19 years old, if I get a bad grade, you bet your bippy I'm gonna hear about it from my mom. We may talk, laugh, and joke, but at the end of the day, my mom and dad still have final say in a lot of things.

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