7 College Life Hacks For The Common Cold

7 College Life Hacks For The Common Cold

You’ll be sick literally all the time, here’s how to deal with it

If you thought getting a cold in high school or the flu on the weekend was bad, wait until you're coughing in a lecture hall of two hundred people and missing your formal because you literally cannot move. Getting sick in college is probably the most inconvenient thing, but if you know some tricks to stay healthy, you can cut down the duration of your sickness exponentially.

1. Sleep, it's crucial

How important is watching one more episode of Netflix or beating that final boss at one a.m.? Sleep provides your body the chance to rest completely and fight off infection. That daunting first sign of a nose drip or headache from hell is your sign to pack it all away and hit the hay.

2. Vitamin C, a good kind of C

Out of all of the vitamins, this one should be your best friend. Vitamin C does more than just prevent scurvy, nay, this vitamin can help your body fight off ailments and get you back on your feet much faster. The best thing about vitamin C is that it’s found in almost all fruits and vegetable, noticeably citrus fruits like oranges. Grab a gallon of orange juice on your next grocery trip, along with some tissues, and wait a week.

3. Take a break from the gym

Think of your body as a machine. You can’t overload it with tasks when your main one should be feeling better. Face it, getting those gains is only going to be twice as miserable when you’re sick, and sacrificing a few days won’t get rid of them completely. Let yourself feel better, then get back to the old grind.

4. Be a homebody

How is your body supposed to recover when you decided to go out to *insert Greek letters here* with Chad? Instead of sleeping like you should be, you’re out drinking punch at a frat house until 3 a.m. while your body is fighting to keep you upright. There are sixteen weekends in a semester, there will be plenty of other parties if you decide to skip just one.

5. Pump fluids, pump 'em up

You know that nasty phlegm you cough up? The nasal drip in the back of your throat? The feeling of resistance in your lungs? Yeah, that’s nasty. Instead of coughing and disgustingly hacking it up on the sidewalk, just drink. Drink as much water, Powerade, or whatever other beverage as you can. Fluids break up all that nasty goo and help you hydrate too.

6. When in doubt, call your parents

Who knows you better than you do when you’re sick? Try the people who have been taking care of you your whole life. A phone call home and some more quick tips from the experts can do you a world of good.

7. Doctors have degrees

Not all of us have doctors and nurses as parents or even parents that watch Grey’s Anatomy. You can’t always expect them to have the answers. Actual doctors, however, may have gone to college for just that. Swing by the campus health care if things are only getting worse. It can’t hurt!

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You Should Be Sensitive To Your Need For Depth

How often do I give my lungs the air they’re fit to be filled with?

Shallow breaths.

The deeper I breathe, the more aware I become of the shallowness of my ordinary breath.

I am constantly running on too little oxygen. I have made myself into an anxiety-ridden machine, always shuffling from thing to thing, always moving from thought to thought, worry to worry, meal to meal, assignment to assignment. My cells tremble with the need for a profound inhale.

The deeper I breathe, the more aware I become of my need for the depths.

How often do I give my lungs the air they’re fit to be filled with?

It takes the deep ones, the eight-second inhales, to break apart the knot in your chest. It takes a longer moment to slog through the mess of what’s inside. It takes a step into vulnerability to stop the dehumanizing the world would like to do of you.

I am convicted of a great brokenness that the whole of humanity feels somewhere deep inside of themselves. Being alive is terrifying. There is so much we don’t understand. The confusion and fear crawls out with fangs, in the dead of night, in the chaos we’re caught in during the hectic moments— the times where existence doesn’t make any sense and why are we here and why am I doing this?

I think we have to be honest with ourselves that all of us get scared of being alive sometimes. Existence is scary. There’s so much we don’t know. I love Christ deeply, but I hope people know that even with the hope and assurance I have in faith, I get scared too. Life is not a thing to be made sense of, even with what we do know.

In these moments I pray, I breathe. Breath is such a beautiful thing. How miraculous is it that your lungs were made in a way that can calm your entire being in seconds, flat? How miraculous is it that every time you are steeping in your fear and failure, you get out eventually?

You’re here.

You are resilient. You can breathe. You can take breaths that sustain and regenerate you.

It is about going beneath the surface-level of yourself. It is truly a disservice to yourself to skate upon the periphery of who you are and what you’re going through.

Take a deeper breath today. Fall deep into your humanity today. Acknowledge that existence is scary, and let that fear and confusion take you to a place of deeper questioning and emotion and spirituality.

We, as part of creation, come from the deep. In Hebrew, from Genesis, that’s tĕhowm, the deep, the abyss, the waters. Returning to the deep, to the depths of who you are as a human, requires knowing who you are and where you come from. That seems daunting.

I take a deep breath and breathe in the knowledge that existence is far more than the eye can see.

And then I go in pursuit of answers, knowing full well they will never be completely answered in this lifetime.

Cover Image Credit: pexels.com

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