7 Brandy Cocktails to Try this Brandy Week & Beyond
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7 Brandy Cocktails to Try this Brandy Week & Beyond

7 Brandy Cocktails to Try this Brandy Week & Beyond


Brandy Week, a holiday celebrated at the end of September, is one of the things most people love about September. It's a great chance to show off your entertaining skills and brand cocktails skills in mixology. If you love to host, I'm sure you have invested in unique decanters and glass sets to augment your display of drinks from PrestigeHaus.

If you're not hosting but have been invited over to your relatives or friends, you may want to consider presenting them with a customizable gift from our available decanters and tableware Unbeatable Brand Cocktails. After all, it is Brandy Week, a time where generosity, brand cocktails, and other distilled drinks are the order of the day. Are you looking for recipes for your brandy cocktails or serving ideas? Here are 7 you can easily make yourself.

Unbeatable Brand Cocktails

These cocktail recipes are a great way to combine with brandy, the main ingredient in numerous classic drinks. From vividly flavored comfortable sips to sour cocktails, the hodgepodge validates the brandy's adaptability. Making brandy cocktail mixes as your guests watch gives the beverages you serve a personalized touch.

1: Metropolitan Brandy Cocktail

This classic brandy cocktail dates back to the 1900s. It is an innovative way to show off your unique decanter and superior brandy. You'll need sugar, brandy mixes, bitters, and sweet vermouth to put this drink together. A beverage this forthright is perfect for whatever top-shelf brandy. Sweet vermouth is characteristically a fortified wine with a shorter shelf life than other bottles at the store on the liquor aisle. If your bottle's been open for more than three months, it is certainly stale and should be replaced.

2: Tom & Jerry Cocktail

This drink is named after the famous cartoon but also after its inventor, Jerry Thomas. It was created in the 1850s as a cocktail for the winter days. The Tom and Jerry cocktail is a steaming sweet beverage laced with rum and brandy with a fragrant blast of nutmeg. It's ideal for drinking on any cold night. This warm drink is packed with aromatics and spices and would bring a pleasant aroma into your home. Other ingredients you'll require to make this tasty cocktail are milk, vanilla extract, eggs, water, powdered sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.

3: Vieux Carre Cocktail

This traditional, inimitable drink hails from New Orleans. The pronunciation is Voo-Care-A. The name is French and translates to "French Quarter." This potent cocktail with layers of flavor requires Cognac brandy and two bitters to prepare. The rich flavor is brilliant for whiskey enthusiasts who enjoy relaxing with a leisurely sipper in hand. With Benedictine, rye whiskey, Peychaud and Angostura bitters, sweet red vermouth, and cognac, you'll quickly put this drink together.

4: Japanese Cocktail

This enticing drink has a secret ingredient – orgeat syrup. This cocktail has been around for years and appears in the very first bartending guide in print. It embodies everything and anything that makes these cocktails ageless. The brandy of choice is cognac, and the drink has bitters and fresh lime juice complementing it. Served in one of our unique glasses, you'll wow your guests with both the drink and the presentation in equal measure.

5: Brandy Daisy Cocktail

This superb beverage has a well-balanced taste that pairs nicely with first-rate cognacs and brandies. The "daisy" isn't just one drink. Rather, it's the brand of an entire family of beverages. Historically, mixologists more commonly used Gomme syrup. In its absence, a great alternative is orgeat syrup. Other ingredients include lemon juice, soda water, base alcohol, and orange curaçao liqueur. It's a famous cocktail from the mid-1800s. This is another recipe from Jerry Thomas and is based on the earliest known version of the cocktail.

6: Old Fashioned Brandy Cocktail

Wisconsin is behind the creation of this cocktail drink which is a classic drink with a quirky spin. So quickly did it gain popularity that it is now the State's thirst-quencher of choice. It has many variations to it, depending on which bar you are ordering it. These include press and soda, sour, or sweet versions. The garnishes for this quirky brandy cocktail are not left behind either and are as surprising as cured Brussels sprouts! Other ingredients you will need to make your homemade Old Fashioned Brandy Cocktail are lemon-lime soda, sugar, brandy, and angostura bitters.

7: Brandy Cobbler

The creation of this drink did not have cobblers in mind. Instead, it derives the name from being a simple beverage. It is served with fruit garnishing, which makes it stand out. These can be anything as simply modest as basic oranges or lemons, or you can get experimentally creative and use whatever fruit is in season. This classic brandy cobbler cocktail is a versatile drink and will suit any fruit, giving you endless possibilities to explore. Other ingredients you will require to put it together are club soda, brandy - with whiskey as an alternative in some cases, and simple syrup.

Final Thought

When hosting, it's not just the food and drinks you serve that leave a memorable experience in your guest's minds but your tableware and cutlery too. Make a statement with our unique decanters, glass sets, and other customizable tableware, which would be perfect for any hosting during this special week and beyond. Let your tableware speak for you before the glass even touches the lips. Check out our catalog at PrestigeHaus and select the items you'd like to gift yourself or your loved ones.

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