Zoos Shouldn't Be Acceptable In Society Anymore, Here's Why

Zoos Shouldn't Be Acceptable In Society Anymore, Here's Why

Yet they are still glamorized as a family friendly summer activity.


According to Will Travers, a renowned animal rights activist, '"Only 15% of the thousands of species held in zoos are considered 'threatened.'" Don't get me wrong. I am not wholly against the idea of "zoos."'I think sanctuaries that provide aid to harmed or endangered animals are a great idea for animals before they are rehabilitated back into the wild. It also allows people to be able to see these animals that they otherwise wouldn't be able to see besides in magazines or the internet. In a time where many people are technology-oriented, I appreciate the fact that kids and adults still want to see nature up close. Although, I cannot support animals that don't need to be in zoos being in them.

Zoochosis, or the irrational behavior of animals captive in zoos, was also a term coined by Will Travers in 1992. Zoochosis is caused by animals being removed from their natural habitat and also being removed from their family. Animals can be sentient beings just as humans, and separation from their family can take a true toll on them. Effects of zoochosis include depression, anorexia, anxiety, addiction, and self-harm. Does this sound familiar? Animals kept captive in zoos for no good reason are obtaining mental disorders from the causes of zoochosis. The fact that these animals are suffering is bad enough, but it doesn't stop there. The predominant "treatment" for animals with zoochosis is to drug them with drugs such as Prozac and Valium.

The only true solution to the unfair keeping of non-endangered or harmed animals in zoos would be passing legislation to restrict and ban what constitutes a zoo being able to keep animals and for how long. Although, in a political era where legislators cannot focus and agree enough to be able to pass pertinent legislation for humans, I don't foresee any true animal rights legislation being passed, let alone even being brought to the table.

Video of animals with zoochosis: https://www.peta.org/features/animals-driven-insane-zoochosis/

You don't have to be a vegetarian, vegan or even a Peta supporter (I'm not a vegan nor Peta supporter) to have the belief that unless a zoo is deemed as a sanctuary, it should not be allowed to exist, or should at least have heavy restrictions. Despite this negative belief that zoos are "fun," action is being taken in one realm for animals: circuses. In Germany, there is now a circus with holograms of animals instead of real animals being used. They still seem to have audience approval as being entertaining as much as real animals would have been.

As someone who has been to zoos before, and enjoyed them, it is hard for me to now be informed about the emotional toll animals are taking to give humans a few hours of enjoyment and still support them. You don't have to be a Peta supporting, "Freelee the Banana Girl" person to realize that zoos need to come to a demise.

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