Christmas wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Gallaghers. After completing the first two seasons of Shameless, I couldn't wait to jump into the next season that is until I saw it. It was an intense season right off the bat that after episode two resulted in me taking an extended break away from the show due to its intensity.

This truly was a dark season, but it came to a close with a lovely ending for the most part as Shameless is known to do. While I didn't love every minute of the plot or the choices of some of the characters, it definitely kept me on my toes perhaps being the most shocking season so far. Here are some of my thoughts:

1. Yay new title sequence with Ian and Lip play fighting instead of that wretch Karen. Precious.

2. I feel like Jimmy was made to be a housewife. Fiona, don't complain take the help.

3. Frank finally finds something he’s good at: Sneaking drugs in his butt.

4. Oh shit. Marco is dead. Poor Estefania stuck with Steve who gives no cares whatsoever about her and that crazy dad. Yikes.

5. Anything Fiona says about Mandy I pretty much agree with. She shouldn’t be living here, she needs to wear clothes, and yes, she is essentially Lip’s wife. Good grief.

6. Lip is starting off far too dramatic this season in acting like he’s not going to college. C’mon, wake up and feel the sunshine cupcake.

7. Ugh. Ian move on from Steve’s dad. He doesn’t have nearly as good a butt as Steve anyway.

8. Of course, Steve. Congratulations on screwing up any way for you and Fiona to be together. I was so willing to get on board with this new arrangement, but here we go with another season of Fiona and Steve fiascoes.

9. Glad to see Fiona’s getting to focus on doing something besides taking care of the kids. Proud of her.

10. Oh my Sheila, trying her best to be a good mom. My hero. I’ll watch Hymie for you!

11. Oh my gosh, my poor Debbie, such a brutal scene with her finally breaking away from Frank. Season 3 is not messing around in terms of triggering scenes. That was absolutely brutal.

12. Yeah, not hiring Frank as a babysitter anytime soon. Dear lord.

13. Oh my gosh, Frank. I have not hated you more. As whats her face from the Alibi says, “An all-time low, even for you Frank.”

14. That scene between Fiona and Lip over money on the porch is some of the best acting that we've seen from these characters.

15. It’s such a lose lose situation. Yes, what Fiona did with gambling their money was wrong, but there’s no way Lip can be supporting the entire family. And hey, Lip maybe the conversation would have gone better if you stopped listening to Mandy who knows nothing about what Fiona does for this family! Why are you here, Mandy?!

16. Two episodes in, and I already need to take a several week pause to recover from such an intense beginning of this series.

17. Glad we’re getting the inevitable arrival of Kevin’s ex-wife out of the way. Her poor kid though.

18. I feel like the ratio of me hating the characters versus me liking them right now has risen undoubtedly high so fast.

19. I really feel like I’m gonna hate Lip this season. Everything’s he already done so far just continues to disappoint me.

20. Fiona has never been more right in saying if Kev and Veronica can’t make it then no one can cause same, girl.

21. “I trust you. That’s more important to me than I love you.” True, but do you remember how much Steve has already lied to you, Fiona?

22. I hate Mandy and Lip for different reasons, and together they’re even worse.

23. Oh my gosh, Sheila’s needs and Frank’s help with Jody is an amazing plot line! This is what I’m here for. The only time I want Frank around is when he’s actually helping people.

24. Despite terrifying him that he has cancer, I’m glad Carl’s getting a vacation from that house cause lord knows he has earned it and I need one.

25. Lip has no self-awareness whatsoever and even though I don’t prefer Mandy, he treats her like dirt and it’s not okay. Treat her sister how you would treat her!

26. Jody cracks me up. He is so sweet and charming, even when he gets crazy.

27. I question how Lip can be so stupid, and then I remember he’s a teenage boy and he doesn’t know better and everything makes sense.

28. Debbie reaches into my heartstrings so deep. The body image issues, wanting to be accepted by girls her own age, and trying to be strong is so hard to watch.

29. Fiona slays Steve pretty much every time they have a fight. Stop being such a pretty boy, Steve, get your hands dirty and play your part if you really care about Fiona and this family.

30. Oh my gosh Rose Abdoo and Keiko Agena in the same episode? Talk about a Gilmore Girls reunion!

31. Okay, Steve. Cool. Literally done with your pretentious, insensitive, cheating privileged ass.

32. Hey Lip, proud of you for that phone call, but you’re a couple seasons late with the realization that Karen is a monster and ruined you in being able to handle a healthy relationship hon.

33. Man, such a great moment for Debbie but at the worst possible time.

34. The kids being separated is so sad, especially how they’ve been through this several times. What a shame.

35. Mickey’s dad I think has officially taken over the title of worst father from Frank. Surprised they aren’t friends. Literally an unwatchable scene with him, Ian, and Mickey. I couldn't look.

36. Once Sheila becomes involved in a plotline, it immediately brings some much needed comedic relief as well as heart. Her wanting to go to parenting classes to actually see what she could have done from preventing Karen to leave was so sad.


38. Fiona’s monologue in the court room was one of the most sad, and real, moments on this show and so beautifully delivered. Where is Emmy’s Emmy? Just give her all the awards!

39. Glad Fiona is finally the children’s guardian. Can’t stand how whiny Steve is being of how it’ll affect their relationship. Hey Steve, how about we talk about how your cheating is affecting your relationship? And the hundreds of other secrets you’re hiding from Fiona?

40. Gosh, we get these kids back, and now the house is gone. Can I catch a break here?

41. The metaphor of Steve finally having to get his hands dirty, shovel through shit, and not being able to handle it is not lost on me. Brilliant.

42. Frank continues to have the sheerest and weirdest luck in the world with the people he meets giving him food and shelter.

43. Hurricane Karen strikes again still treating the queen that is Sheila terribly. Ugh.

44. I love seeing Debbie and Sheila’s relationship again. Their scenes are beautiful in helping each other deal with failure and build each other up. Those female to female relationships are so important.

45. Mickey’s getting married?! What? Oh my gosh, can a Milkovich ever be given a happy storyline?

46. Finally, Mandy does something I can get on board with in filling out Lip’s applications. Yes, girl, make him get that education because he's too stubborn to do it himself.

47. Hellooooooooo, Mike. Can’t wait for him and Fiona to get together. He’s already so much more charming in one scene than Steve has been for three seasons.

48. Finally, Lip applies himself. Of course, it's only after completely disregarding Mandy in that she was the one who got him to get that interview.

49. Beto telling Steve how he can’t be with Fiona is so necessary. He’s right in that she’s way too good for him.

50. That scene between Lip and Mandy finally made me accept Mandy and just realize how sad their relationship is. She knows he doesn’t care about her as much as she does him yet still gives him everything. Beautiful scene.

51. I still can’t get on board with Mickey. I don’t get it at all. He is so horrible to Ian and takes pleasure in putting him down and abusing him. Ian needs to move on, and Mickey needs to go away.

52. OMG KAREN IS DEAD. HOLY CRAP. Yes, oh my gosh I can’t believe that just happened.


54. But what is hilarious is the fact that Mickey sees Mandy cleaning Karen’s hair and blood off her car thinking nothing off of it. Literally, the only moment I have liked Mickey.

55. Honestly, I’m just glad that this will mean Mandy and Lip will be over cause Mandy you can’t come back from that but I appreciate the effort in getting rid of Karen because I get how tempting that is.

56. Dr. Jimmy? Sure, if Steve’s planning to play one o television.

57. Kev and Veronica are going to have a baby yay!!!!

58. Post-coma Karen is the only Karen I can deal with on my screen.

59. The showdown between Fiona and Steve at the coffee shop? Yes, Fiona slay him!

60. These scenes between Carl and Frank bonding are sad and wrong on many levels, but also sweet in a way. It’s at least showing what you wish they could have.

61. If it’s a Milkovich wedding, you can bet it’s going to be the most awkward wedding ever.

62. Love, love, love how they handled Mike and Fiona’s almost hook up scene. How beautiful and surprisingly self-aware for Fiona. Hope this starts to spread to some of the other family members.

53. Bon voyage, Steve. Thanks for the memories, even though they weren’t so great.

54. Frank taking the blame for Carl? Hell is freezing over indeed.

55. Lip is the first Gallagher to graduate. I’m not crying, you are.

56. Ian, what are you doing? Gosh, I want you to start moving on too, but not move away!

57. A sad, sad, ending for Sheila that really just sets her up for a great beginning. Have your sex toy parties, Sheila. I can’t wait to see the next chapter in her life. They’re always so juicy.

58. Seeing how easy Lip could sink into being like Frank is terrifying.

59. The scene between Frank and Fiona in the hospital was phenomenal. Frank finally having to see all his mistakes catch up with him was necessary. It’s truly a breaking point in that Frank has the power to let his own demons kill him or actually try for once for his family.

60. Carl going to shave Frank’s head and Frank letting him do it was so beautiful. Gosh, this show really gets to you.

61. Frank leaving not surprising. Steve leaving not surprising. Ian leaving surprising, but all three will be back. Just hope at least Ian can be able to turn things around, seems the most likely out of the three.

62. Love having Fiona in the snow yet again like back in season one making the decision to cut off from Steve. Beautiful way to come back full circle before going into the fourth season.