60 Thoughts You Have During Tech Week
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Student Life

60 Thoughts You Have During Tech Week

AKA Hell Week.

60 Thoughts You Have During Tech Week
Theatre Kingdom

Ah, yes, tech week. A week of absolute madness for anyone in the theatre department. It’s the final rehearsals leading up to the show, where they add lights, music, sounds, costumes, and the last of the props. The time where instead of having rehearsal a few days a week, rehearsal takes up the majority of your night. And, of course, teachers and professors add more homework because it’s tech week; well, maybe just because it’s the end of the term, but I like my first theory better. There are so many things that crosses one’s mind as they go through tech week, and here they are:

1. I’m going to bed early tonight

2. I have so much homework and no time to do it

3. I’m just gonna skip the reading, the teacher will never know

4. But wait, what if they will?

5. I’ll just read it backstage

6. And do the rest of my homework backstage

7. Let’s be real here, no I won’t

8. My hair is not cooperating today

9. I really don’t want to wear this much makeup

10. Is my foundation blended well enough?

11. Does my foundation look somewhat natural?

12. Did I put too much blush on?

13. Nah, there’s no such thing as too much blush when it comes to stage makeup

14. Crap, I messed up and now I have to start my eye makeup over again

15. My mic is really irritating me

16. I wonder what I’m going to say/sing for my mic check

17. I’m just going to wing it

18. Thank goodness mic check is over

19. I need water

20. I got lipstick all over my water

21. I need to reapply it now

22. Oh we’re doing warmups. OK

23. We’re singing really high

24. OK, now we’re singing really low

25. That’s not even in my range anymore, wow, OK

26. I gotta get myself pumped up

27. I need a lot of energy but I also need a nap

28. The stage manager just called five. What can I do in five minutes before we start?

29. Oh wait, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

30. OMG OK I need to get into place. OK

31. Act/sing your little heart out

32. Crap, I have to pee

33. What’s my first line/note again?

34. Oh wait, got it.

35. First scene done, many more to go

36. Do I have time to pee before the next scene?

37. I should pee

38. But what if things go faster than expected?

39. I’m going to wait until I have a while

40. Like intermission

41. I have to end this scene on this side of the stage and start the next scene on the other side of the stage, so that’s great

42. Yes, it's intermission

43. Time to pee

44. Why is the bathroom full? Please let me pee

45. Ah, yes, finally.

46. Be careful of the mic

47. OK, we’re good now

48. I wonder how the actual show is going to turn out

49. Alright, let’s do the second half

50. I never realized how bright those lights are

51. Is their mic on?

52. Is my mic on?

53. I wonder how this looks to the audience

54. Crap, I messed up

55. Hope the audience can’t tell

56. OK, we’re on the last scene

57. It's the final countdown

58. Now we have to get notes

59. So. Many. Notes.

60. I can’t believe I have to do this all over again tomorrow….I’m pumped!

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