Thanksgiving is right around the corner and is a very important holiday - and not just because of the food. It's a time to spread thankfulness all over. Each and every one of us has a lot to be thankful for, whether it's our families, friends or our warm beds. Thanksgiving is dedicated to this, but what are some of the little things we overlook as college students?

This could be our favorite food, our dog or having the right of free speech. As I walk across campus every day, there are many small things to be thankful for from a college student's perspective. However, my perspective is not the only one, so I decided to ask some other students what the little things are that they are thankful for. Most responses were humorous, but nothing's wrong with a nice laugh. However, these humorous responses were extremely true. They may seem small and may seem meaningless, but to a college student, they mean everything!

1. Target

2. Movie nights

3. Extended deadlines

4. Blow pops

5. Friendships

6. Texts from mom

7. Coffee

8. Tea

9. Energy drinks

10. Shower shoes

11. Free t-shirts

12. Easy mac and ramen noodles (or anything that only needs water and a microwave)

13. Bagel bar

14. Sweet potato fries

15. Hard work paying off

16. Peanut butter

17. Water

18. Restaurants that deliver

19. Naps

20. Sweatpants

21. Yoga pants

22. Leggings

23. Notes on your whiteboard from friends

24. Movie sing-alongs ("High School Musical" and "Hairspray")

25. Finding money

26. Mini fridges

27. When the WiFi works

28. Care packages

29. Online shopping

30. Planners

31. Walks through the beautiful campus

32. Milkshakes

33. Smoothies

34. Fuzzy blankets

35. Fuzzy socks

36. Alone time

37. Student discounts

38. Vacuums

39. Alarm clocks

40. Beds

41. Meal plan money

42. Home cooked meals

43. Finding a good parking spot

44. Sweatshirts

45. Days to sleep in

46. Living with your best friends

47. Video games

48. Weekend brunch

49. Getting a good grade on a test that you thought you failed

50. People who walk their dogs on campus

51. Netflix

52. M&Ms

53. Cool RAs

54. Pizza nights

55. Breaks

56. The email that says your class is canceled

57. Ice cream

58. No lines at the dining hall

59. Dance parties with friends

60. And lastly, being able to attend this college; this is the most important part! We are thankful for the little things while being in college, but overall we are thankful to have the opportunity to be here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your Thanksgiving is full of happiness for all that is around you, even the little things that are so easily overlooked. As you can see, there are many small things to be thankful for from a college student's perspective. This list could go on forever!

From the beautiful walks through campus to the movie nights full of pizza and candy, there are infinite amounts. Don't overlook the small things- such as a friend's laughter or their willingness to let you use their meal plan money if needed- they're gifts from God. Share your gratitude with others whenever you can and enjoy your Thanksgiving!