60 Facts I Learned While Watching Shark Week
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60 Facts I Learned While Watching Shark Week

The "shark and awe" this past week was real, my friends!

60 Facts I Learned While Watching Shark Week

If you missed Shark Week, don't worry! Being the nerd that I am, I took some jawsome notes while watching the shark shows last week to share with you guys. I also included the name of the show in parentheses in case you wanted to actually watch them. Enjoy!

1. Blue Sharks eat until they throw up. (Top Ten Sharkdown)

2. On the black market, Great White Shark body parts are worth around 70 thousand dollars. (Spawn of Jaws: The Birth)

3. Mobulla rays and Manta rays are distant cousins of sharks. (Shark Planet)

4. Epaulette Sharks can walk on land for a short amount of time. (Shark Planet)

5. If you turn a shark upside down or rub the bottom of its nose, it will go into Tonic Immobility. It doesn’t hurt the sharks. It only puts them in a trance. (Zombie Sharks)

6. Sharks don’t have bones. (Shark Planet)

7. There are 510 species of sharks. (Shark Planet)

8. Sailors call Oceanic White Tips “sea dogs” because they follow boats in hopes of free meals. (Deadliest Shark)

9. The Great Hammerhead is the largest species of Hammerhead.

(Sharks Vs. Dolphins: Face Off)

10. All sharks and wildlife in Bikini Atoll were wiped out because of nuclear tests that occurred there in the 1940s.

(Nuclear Sharks)

11. Only 5 percent of the oceans are explored.

(Alien Sharks: Close Encounter)

12. The Tasseled Wobbegong Shark uses camouflage to ambush its prey.

(Shark Planet)

13. All sharks have a Lateral Line Canal which senses vibrations in the water.

(Deadliest Shark)

14. Sharks are thought to become bolder and more violent at night. (Return of the Monster Mako)

15. Greenland Sharks are known to eat polar bears, horses, and reindeer. (Top Ten Sharkdown)

16. Port Jackson Sharks lay screw-shaped eggs and hide them in rocks and coral.

(Shark Planet)

17. Sharks have a sense called electro-reception, which helps them sense the electrical fields all living things emit.

(Sharks Vs. Dolphins: Face Off)

18. Lemon Sharks have belly buttons.

(Shark Planet)

19. Orcas have found a way to turn sharks upside down and induce Tonic Immobility so they can kill and eat them.

(Zombie Sharks)

20. The stripes on a Tiger Shark are used as camouflage (Top Ten Sharkdown)

21. Hammerhead Sharks can see all 360 degrees around them. (Shallow Water Invasion)

22. Whale Sharks are the biggest of all sharks at 40 feet long. Thankfully, their diet only includes plankton.

(Shark Planet)

23. Commercial fishing has reduced the Oceanic White Tip’s population by 90 percent. (Deadliest Shark)

24. The Frilled Shark has 25 layers of teeth.

(Shark Planet)

25. Hammerheads have exceptionally powerful electro reception. (Sharks Vs. Dolphins: Face Off)

26. Bikini Atoll is located in the Marshall Islands, and Reef Sharks navigate throughout the 29 islands. (Nuclear Sharks)

27. The Great White Shark population off of Cape Cod has been increasing for the past five years. (Shark Bait)

28. The Mega Mouth Shark stays in deep water during the day, however, it comes to the surface at night to eat krill.

(Alien Sharks: Close Encounter)

29. Sharks are drawn to commercial fishing boats because of all the dead fish. (Blue Serengeti)

30. Baby Bull Sharks are hunted and eaten by crocodiles in Costa Rica. (Jungle Sharks)

31. Swell Sharks can glow in the dark. (Shark Planet)

32. Almost one quarter of shark species are close to becoming extinct. (Shark Planet)

33. Oceanic White Tips circle their pray like vultures.

(Deadliest Shark)

34. A suit of armor, a chicken coop, and a fur coat have all been found in the belly of a Tiger Shark. (Shark After Dark, Sunday)

35. Seven-Gilled sharks hunt in packs. (Sharks of the Shadowlands)

36. Pregnant Great Whites have to consume more than 20 pounds of food per day. (Spawn of Jaws: The Birth)

37. Port Jackson Sharks have pig-like noses.

(Shark Planet)

38. Great White Sharks are highly migratory. (Shark Bait)

39. Dolphins have been known to protect swimmers and divers from sharks.

(Sharks Vs. Dolphins: Face Off)

40. Deep sea exploration gained traction when the Deep Water Horizon oil spill occurred because scientists didn’t know what animals were being impacted by the oil.

(Alien Sharks: Close Encounter)

41. Sharks have Ampullae of Lorenzini, which is the body part that senses electro-reception.

(Sharks Vs. Dolphins: Face Off)

42. The Tasseled Wobbegong literally inhales its food. (Shark Planet)

43. The Mako is the fastest shark in the ocean. (Shark Planet)

44. Recreational shark fishing on the East Coast started mostly because of the movie "Jaws." (How Jaws Changed the World)

45. Thresher Sharks use their tails as whips to heard and stun fish. (Ninja Sharks)

46. The Oceanic White Tip’s large fins are sought out in Asian countries for Shark Fin Soup.

(Shark Planet)

47. 23 nuclear bombs were detonated in Bikini Atoll. The soil and sand are still radioactive, however the water is safe for sharks and other wildlife.

(Nuclear Sharks)

48. The Pocket Shark was discovered in 2014.

(Alien Sharks: Close Encounter)

49. The Goblin Shark is so pale that you can see its blood in its veins.

(Shark Planet)

50. Bull Sharks have the highest level testosterone out of any animal in the world. (Top Ten Sharkdown)

51. Sharks have lived through five mass extinctions.

(Shark Planet)

52. Tiger Shark teeth are strong enough to cut metal. (Tiger Beach: Sharkopedia Edition)

53. Greenland Sharks are blind thanks to parasites that attach themselves to their eye balls and slowly eat them.

(Shark Planet)

54. Tiger Sharks are mainly pelagic sharks.

55. To stop a shark attack, punch the shark in the nose or poke it in the eyes. (Shark Feeding Frenzy)

56. Dog Fish get their name by how they bite their prey. It resembles a dog shaking its head when biting something. (Alien Sharks: Return to the Abyss)

57. Sharks usually attacks dolphins’ flukes first so their prey can’t swim away. (Sharks Vs. Dolphins: Face Off)

58. Bull Sharks can change their body chemistry to swim in both fresh and salt water. (Ninja Sharks)

59. The Greenland Shark can live up to 200 years old.

(Shark Planet)

60. You have more of a chance of dying on your way to the beach than dying from a shark attack. (Shark After Dark)

I hope you enjoyed my list of fun facts about sharks! If you really enjoyed it, then don't miss Shark Week next year! If you really really enjoyed it, then don't forget to share and like this article.

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