6 Ways You Can "Treat Yo Self" While Prepping for Final Exams

I know it seems like mid-terms just ended, but here we are again, back from Thanksgiving break and already worried about our final exams coming up in two weeks. The stress is back at a whole new level, and it feels like the late nights at the library will never end. Sometimes though, it is important to remind yourself that it is alright to give yourself a break during this stressful time. Here are some ways you can "treat yo self" during finals week.

1.) Take breaks and watch your favorite show. Especially after hours at the library cramming, it is important to cut yourself some slack and rest your mind for a little while.

2.) Sleep! All nighters, although sometimes inevitable, will leave your brain and body exhausted. A good night's rest will be sure to guarantee that you willbring your A game to the exam room.

3.) Make or find a playlist that will help you study. Paper writing becomes a lot better when listening to the right music!

4.) Give yourself snack breaks. If you are like me, coffee becomes your only food groups during finals week. Balancing your diet and staying healthy is a great way to boost your brain power.

5.) Try your best to stay active. Sometimes hitting the gym can be a great way to relieve stress and anxiety and will be a good change of atmosphere from the library!

6.) Finally, make sure you stay positive and encourage yourself! Remind yourself how smart you are and that can get through finals! The biggest treat of all is right after finals are over... winter break!

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