6 Ways to Have Your Own Spa Day
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6 Ways to Have Your Own Spa Day

A day to unwind

6 Ways to Have Your Own Spa Day
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1. Run a nice, warm bath.

After a long, stressful day (or week), laying down in the warm confines of water in a bathtub can be one of the most liberating feelings. You can even add a bath bomb or some candles if you'd like to really spruce things up!

2. Don't forget your face mask!

You can get fairly cheap face masks of all different kinds at your local pharmacy. Some of these include peel-offs, clay masks, cloth masks, and scrubs. As a quick breakdown:

Scrubs: These are facial masks that require you to leave the product on for a given amount of time, and then gently scrub off with water.

Cloth: These are the masks that make you look like a crazy person. They're usually in a package, soaked in a liquid treatment for your skin to soak up. You simply lay it on your face for the directed amount of time, and take it off when your done (bonus points for massaging the leftover serum into your skin).

Clay: As shown above in the picture, this woman is wearing a clay mask (likely, an avocado one). These types of masks are thick, and they sit on top of the skin (no rubbing in) until they dry. Once dry, you can rinse off the mask with lukewarm water.

Peel-Off: The coolest mask (in my opinion). These treatments initially feel like a gel substance when applying it to your skin, but when it dries down, it feels nice and tight. Instead of washing this mask off, you simply peel it off–like you're shedding! I think these masks are the most satisfying because it feels like you've peeled off all of the dead skin cells on your face.

3. Skincare is of utmost importance!

What better way to care for your body than giving it the nutrients it needs! Your skin will thank you, and it's a relaxing process as well. I might write an article in the future about skincare in further detail, but for now, just stick to a face wash, toner, and moisturizer.

4. Lotion.

Speaking of skincare isn't just for your face! It's very important to moisturize so your skin stays silky, smooth, and elastic! Especially after a long bath, your skin is going to be THIRSTY. Make sure to apply lotion to your legs, elbows, shoulders, feet, hands, and anywhere else on your body that tend to be dry.

5. Extra pampering.

Not only did you take a warm bath and treat your skin, but now it's time to pamper your nails! Go ahead and put on some pretty nail polish (or not, whatever you feel most confident with)! Just don't forget to use a base coat!

6. Sit back and relax.

After taking care of your body, take care of your mind, and dumb things down for a bit. Grab a snack, watch some Netflix, surf the net, write a poem, play an instrument, shoot some hoops, play a video game–do whatever your heart desires to unwind for a bit.

And have a happy spa day!

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